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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bali - Paddy Terrace

Paddy Terrace. 

When you heard it for the first time, what do you think? I mean what do you imagine?

It's an amazing job isn't it? I asked the tourist guide (supir) why they planted paddy in this way? He told me that it was because of the land. They have limited land to plant paddy so they plant it this way.

I didn't spend much time there as nothing much to see rather than the terrace itself and this place had many souvenir shops as some other places I visited before. 

I just went out of the car and snapped some pictures to share with you.  

After snapped some pictures, I got back into the car and we drove to other place. Where did I go then? Stay tune :)


  1. Love the photo of the paddy terrace!

  2. u guys look kan mata memandang...hijau je

  3. foongpc,

    Yes it's lovely isn't it?

  4. Wahidah,

    Thank you. Yep, best sangat. Memang akan pergi lagi nanti! :)

  5. babYpose,

    How was it? :)


Thank you for the comment.

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