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Friday, February 15, 2013

Bali - World's best coffee is Kopi Luwak

After I went to see how they make silver, it's time for some refreshment at Alam Bali Agriculture coffee farm. Coffee!!!

I guess you have heard about Kopi Luwak (civet coffee)? Yes, it's the most expensive coffee in the world! Since I got the opportunity to try it, I grabbed the chance!

Cocoa! Yummy.

Coffee!!! Love the aroma.

What is better than this? Drink world's best coffee with great green view!

The Kopi Luwak or civet coffee was the best among other coffee that I tasted there. The aroma and taste are hard for me to describe. I surely come here again for the best coffee in the world :)

They played ear soothing song which you can hear almost everywhere in Bali which could make you feel very relax while enjoying your coffee. Plus the green view around the place. I really love this place so much.

The lovely guide who explained to me about the coffee and spices. Thank you!


  1. hopefully i could visit Bali someday ^_^

  2. Kniedaz,

    Sure you can! :)
    Try to grab the cheap ticket from Air Asia.

  3. Must be nice to drink the best coffee in a nice ambiance with soothing music and greeneries! Love the photos! : )

  4. Foongpc,

    Yes, it was great and hardly describe in words :) The best place to start your day.


  5. saw in KK but dare not buy :p

  6. Small Kucing,

    Oh, you should try. But I guess the price there is more expensive than Bali :)

  7. My daughter went to Jakarta and brought a box for me for me. Have not really tried it yet will do so one day.

  8. Bananaz,

    Hehe you should try soon. Great coffee I'd say.

  9. 80,ooo RP how much if convert to RM?

  10. Luthfi,

    Around RM25.00 per cup.

  11. Eyewwww!!! No, thank you. Much as I love coffee, I will not drink what has come out from an animal's you know where. No, thank you! LOL!!!

  12. suituapui,

    Haha. The best coffee, think about it :)


Thank you for the comment.

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