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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bali - Kintamani Volcano and Batur Lake

After I had fun at the coffee and spice farm and enjoying my world's most expensive coffee, I went to Kintamani Volcano and Batur Lake. Yes, it's a must place to visit. 

When I reached there, it was cold. Brrr... but I was amazed by the great view. Amazing!

Then, the coldness was vanished as soon as I saw the food! The food was alright nothing much to boast about but I ate a lot because I was so hungry. Eating your meal with breezing air, cooling and great view. What is better than that? :)

Happy face after meal with a great view! You should buy your ticket to Bali now!


  1. was there many years ago. Got "chased" by the petty hawkers at the roadside. Kept asking me to buy things from them. rather scary. now still like that?

  2. Small Kucing,

    I don't know but they didn't approach me at all. Maybe I just lucky :)

  3. Beautiful! Wish I could go there one day. Bet you had a great time...and nothing beats being in a place so heavenly with a great friend.

  4. suituapui,

    Yes, I'd agree with you. You should go one day! You won't regret.

  5. Would love to eat there while enjoying the scenery! And the cold weather is a bonus! : )

  6. foongpc,

    Yes, you should go one day. It's such a nice view and you can enjoy your meal instead!


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