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Friday, April 27, 2012

How to activate AssistiveTouch to overcome hardware button problems on iPhone, iPad

My colleague showed me this function called AssistiveTouch (thanks to Azali) in the office this morning. I was amazed. Just now I managed to activate this function to my iPhone. Here are the steps:

Launch the Settings app.

Tap General.

Tap Accessibility.

Scroll all the way down and tap AssistiveTouch then toggle it on. (You’ll know its working, when you see a floating button appear on your screen.)

Turning on AssistiveTouch causes a semi-transparent button to appear. Tapping this button gives you access to the same functions as the hardware buttons, such as volume up or down, as well as several gesture types, like pinch to zoom. You can even set custom gestures.

(source: here)

Have fun :)


  1. This is pretty useful info.. gonna try it, I guess.

  2. small kucing,

    have you tried it? :)

  3. halo, 1st time dropping by^^

  4. xjion89,

    hi :) thanks for dropping by.

  5. Wow! Did not even know there's such a function! Thanks for sharing! : )

  6. hi, i just found out your comment in my 2008 entry.. tau da berzaman da.. thanks kerana dtg singgah... hv a nice day

  7. CikHajar,

    Haha lamanya! :) sampai semua blogger pun dah quit.


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