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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Pas apologises for religious pupil's death

KANGAR: Perlis PAS today apologised to all Malaysians over a seven-year-old pupil's death two days after he was allegedly severely punished by an ustaz (religious teacher) at the party-run Sekolah Rendah Islam Al Furqanm in Jejawi, near here.

State PAS commissioner Hashim Jasin said the party also wished to apologise to all teachers over the tragic incident which had tarnished the image and public perception of teachers.

Saiful Syazani Saiful Sopfidee died at Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Alor Setar last Sunday after he was believed to have been assaulted by the ustaz, who was also the school hostel's warden, on Thursday during an investigation into a theft case.

"The incident is shocking to us after having been running the school for 25 years now," said Hashim after attending the state assembly sitting, here, today.

Hashim, who is also Sanglang assemblyman, said Perlis PAS hoped for a thorough investigation into the case in seeking justice for all concerned.

The chairman of the school's Board of Governors, Rus'sele Eizan, said they had taken appropriate measures to ensure that all the learning institutions owned by the party (PAS) were smoothly run and safe for everyone.

Meanwhile, Arau Umno division chief and former Perlis menteri besar Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim hoped that all religious schools appoint only eligible teachers to ensure that such an incident would not recur.

"All the teachers hired must go through proper teacher training even though they are academically highly qualified," he said.

(Source: TheMalayMail)


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  1. Terlalu sedih. Semoga ibubapanya redha dan tabah.

  2. ocean - betul. nasi dah jadi bubur. tapi tindakan perlu diambil dan lepas ni kena tapis secara serius!

  3. 1. At least somebody apologized and take some responsibilities.
    2. We have to accept the fact that nobody is perfect and unfortunate thing like this could happen anywhere and to anybody (nauzubillah)
    3. We also have to accept the fact that teaching is one tough profession. Looking at the current public demand, surrounding & environment, standard of living (pathetic salary), career advancement (it is a joke) etc. they (and many other professions) can easily fall prey to the worst predicament we can imagine.
    4. Looking the the many 'mishap' that are happening at our schools For pupils and teachers sake, I seriously think teachers need to undergo mental check up regularly.
    5. Anything regarding politic will be politicized (this is really suck)!

    I sympathize to the unfortunate family and takziah to them.

  4. doc - i can't imagine if it happens to my family. i mean, yes... thing had happen but is it worth it that my child had been punished until he met his death?

    yes, it is 'written' earlier. make it simple. it's fate. we have to accept.

    if i'm the family member, i still want to take this case to the court even though my child's life can't be revived.

  5. This really happened? I am very much aware of what students suffer in some schools when it comes to punishment but actually killing the child? That is horrible.

    His apology won't make anything better, unless he is sentenced to stay behind the bars forever for homicide.

  6. half - yes. we have to put ourselves in the child family's shoes.

    it's not about thing had happen or not but the right action should be taken to the one who is confirmed guilty and it will be a lesson to others not to easily make own punishment.

    sometimes, teachers bring to school their problem at home and make the pupils their punching bag!


  7. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.

  8. Proper teaching training is not good enough,, there are other areas need to be looked into one thing for sure, this will not the only case,,,sigh

  9. eugene - agree this is not the only case :(

  10. sorry no cure. Die means die. How to replace back a life?

  11. small kucing - agree!

  12. More and more teachers these days are not qualified emotionally to deal with students. :/


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