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Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup Final

After few weeks we spent time watching World Cup, abandoning our exercise, sport and worst our sleep… and there was a final match. Kicking out one country and another, left only 2 strongest ones (I tend to use the word lucky but not anymore :P).

The result ended up with Spain 1 - Holland 0 in extra time. Anyhow, bravo to Robben :)

image image The goal scorer

imageThe winner -- Spain

I won the head 2 head match with Kucarlana. That mean I won the competition and will get RM180.00! Yay… Thank God :)

fantasy My best team in World Cup Fantasy

the best teamThe team that won the final match :)

imageHis team… 

Every time there is World Cup, there is bittersweet memories. It depends on the individual itself. To those who lose bet, do not commit suicide as money can be earned and learn the lesson. My friends told me that some of their friends commit suicide after lose money badly in the bet.

Let see if we still alive in the next 4 years to watch another World Cup :)


  1. lol main duit yek? :P

  2. dila - tak.. ni kira macam contest... fee rm20 masuk untuk ranking dan head2head :)

  3. Anonymous8:32 AM

    You're off Monday too like Foong? After a sleepless night of watching the finals.

  4. Yeay! Spain won! Deserving winner.. :) A very very tight game and Robben played a very good game indeed.. I was biting my nails the whole match.. But I'm sad... cos now there's no more late night soccer hangouts.. :(

  5. congrats to the winner..

  6. lorr..tak ajak pun aku main fantasy game ni...huhuhuhu

  7. ::: don't forget to give some to sotong kurita! lmao!!! :D im the big fan of german team. always. but spain played very well this morning, they got what they deserved. anyway, if muller was there at semi, german would best probably won the final. lmao!!! :P

  8. some babies were missing.. guess they have to do with the world cup as well.. sigh.. i think most ladies will be relieved to see it has ended.. for now.. :p

  9. wah,
    SPAIN menang yer,

    wah dpt RM yer,
    bole banje mkn sotong goreng tepung kan,


    akhirnya berakhir sudah World Cup utk thn nie,
    kita tunggu 4 thn akn dtg plak:)

  10. Erm...any of the suicide cases happened to Malaysians?

    And if I'm not mistaken, this is the first time Spain has won the World Cup? Good for them! :)

  11. Erm...any of the suicide cases happened to Malaysians?

    And if I'm not mistaken, this is the first time Spain has won the World Cup? Good for them! :)

  12. mei teng - hehe yea... i got volley ball later at 5.30pm. hope we can win... did you watch the final too?

  13. cashmere - next should be copa amaerica haha!

  14. axim - next game epl ko nak main? kita orang memang selalu main hehe!

  15. reactivate - what happened to germany? they played badly in semi :(

  16. reanaclaire - haha! it's like their spouse goes fishing!

  17. wanie - yep spain menang berturut lepas menang euro 2008 :)

    4 tahun lagi tak tentu kita hidup lagi :)

  18. josette - yes, there were a few cases... and yes it was their first time :)

  19. josette - hehe slow internet connection?

  20. Everything was controlled by Paul the Octopus. :/

  21. i think World Cup is the most popular and sought-after sports event so far.. so are you a WC follower too??

    btw, after WC, it's the final for Blog Idol too.. are you nervous?? hehe~~ :p

  22. Untuk tatapan sahabat semua

    hah ingat pesanan kami jangan main duit... haram.... tak berkat...

    But spain dah menang tak leh cakap apa lah....Spain dah menang .... alangkah baiknya kalaua juara piala dunia hak milik Malaysia.... Emmmm untung lah

  23. tekkaus - have you tried steamed octopus? very yummy :P

  24. sk - yeah.. i'm a die hard fan of WC hehe... what about you?

    yeah... from the beginning i never thought that i'd make until this far. maybe just plain luck? hehe... anyway, thanks for your support sk...! really appreciate it...

  25. afzainizam - alamak! milik malaysia? haha... tu yang rm180 tu mcm contest le... nak masuk main fantasy kena byr fee rm20... hehe... yay!


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