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Monday, July 05, 2010

Lunch prepared by Wanie & Mama

Last Saturday, me and Keith were invited to Wanie’s house for lunch. Actually we had been planning about this since last month, just that we couldn’t find a date that suit everybody. Thank God, we could make it at last.
We planned to reach there at 12.30 or 1pm. But because of World Cup, I slept late and woke up early. As soon as I woke up, rushed to shower and got ready. Keith came to fetch me and we went to TM Point Bayan Baru to pay my bill. I can’t afford if they cut my internet! My class is going to start soon. There, I started to get stress. Many peoples but they only opened one counter which at first they opened two counters only! Jeez! I didn’t understand why they only open two since they have few counters there?
After that, we rushed to Sunshine Square to buy something for them. It’s not nice to go there empty handed. We decided to grab a basket of lychee for them. Ran to pay and drove out from that mall.
Reached the toll pretty late even though we took less than an hour. Wanie and cousin came to us at the toll and guide us to her house.
Nothing much to talk when you are starving. I took out my camera and snap some pictures of foods before start eating.
IMG_2916 IMG_2925
Let see what did we eat?
IMG_2926 Ketam masak lemak cili api… the only dish cooked by Wanie
IMG_2929Sambal tumis udang petai… so yummy!
IMG_2930Mango salad…
IMG_2931Pajeri nenas… mama’s specialty
IMG_2932Honey chicken
IMG_2933Terubok masin Sarawak!
IMG_2937Sirap lychee
IMG_2938Dessert - dadih and jelly.
IMG_2939 IMG_2940 IMG_2941
Right after lunch, we went to bakery to buy a cake. Wanie decided to buy ice cream cake for her cousin Aisyah. Keith was left at her house. So, he snapped some pictures around the house…
IMG_2948IMG_2950IMG_2951 IMG_2953IMG_2956IMG_2957 IMG_2958IMG_2959IMG_2960IMG_2962 bunga edit Ok, edited for fun :P
Then, as soon as we reached home… they were busy preparing the cake for Aisyah. Me? Ok, I took out my camera again to kill the boredom LOL.
IMG_2965 The lychee that we bought. I wonder why it’s green?
IMG_2972 IMG_2974IMG_2975IMG_2976IMG_2979IMG_2981IMG_2984IMG_2988IMG_2989 IMG_2990IMG_2991IMG_2992IMG_2994Next biz :P
Thanks to Wanie and mama for preparing the lunch for us. We enjoyed the food and this surely one of the good memories for 2010 :)


  1. best2..byk giler food..btw,pelik la tgk laici tu green die manis gk ke???

  2. wai---->wpun hijo,tapi still manis n sedap sgt2....pandai deme berdua pilih buah....

    Faisal---->akhirnya dpt jugak u ngn keith rasa airtgn i kan,dpt jugak i masakkan utk korang "ketam masak lemak cili padi"..hihihihihi...tapi tuelah sedey sbb korang blk awal,sedey ok....:(
    Insya-ALLAH,next plan,kita "dinner" plak kat umah i...u ngn keith bgtau saja nak mkn apa...insya-ALLAH,kami akn hidangkan....hihihihi...
    next biz???insyaALLAH u,buat yg terbaik ok:)
    Apapun kenangan 3 Julai akn jadi kenangan yg paling manis utk tahun 2010......
    tq to u n keith sbb sudi dtg memeriahkan suasana rumah i....:)
    gonna miss this moment so much....

  3. Adoi...come to your blog wrong timing. Sambal Petai. Drooling already.

  4. I love crabs. Especially the ones cooked with salted eggs. And the ones cooked in marmite sauce.

  5. oh so Kangkong is also the ter here in your country...
    i love kangkong especially wehn you dip it to what we called here "bagoong" yummy!

  6. wahhh..
    lauk lauk yang sungguh mengancam!

  7. Uwahhhh lemak cili apai ketam, my fave tu! :D

    Dropping by to wish you all the best for this week's BI! :D:D:D

  8. eh cili api, bukan apai hahaha!

  9. @xim,

    kalau u dtg,
    tentu u jugak bole merasai makanan yg terhidang dimeja,
    sedey u x dpt join:(

  10. Ohhh nice orkid..Wishin' you all the best in this coming semi final..tQ.

  11. wahidah - haha yep, mula-mula tengok memang pelik tapi rasanya manis pula! :)

  12. wanie - thanks to you and mama for preparing semua ni. akan dikenang sampai bila-bila.

    semuanya sedap-sedap belaka! sampai tak tahu nak makan yang mana satu! last-last makan semua! hambek! haha.

  13. smallkucing - that's my favorite! but then, i ruined the toilet and kept people around me away!


  14. mei teng - i think steamed crab is the best. i tried salted egg crab but if you eat a lot, then you will easily feel the crab is too fatty. i don't know why :)

  15. blue - i guess, the same sauce we use for sotong kangkong?

  16. axim - hehe sangat sedap. memang masuk sangat dengan tekak aku!

  17. mariuca - haha you like spicy food eh?

    good luck to you too mariuca. i don't think i can beat you guys in this round hehe. you both too good!

  18. wanie - tu la sampai menangis teringat azim tak dapat makan...

  19. bananaz - how sweet! :) but i don't think i can beat you both. too good! hehe. thanks bananaz... and all the best to you and mariuca too :)

  20. faisal,

    x per,
    next time kita buat utk dinner bersama ok,
    nanti korang request lah nak mkn apa,
    insya-ALLAH bole kami masakkan...

    bila masa i nangis?
    yg i nangis tue sbb korang nak blk awal lah,(berat nak lps kan korang)
    x pernah2 i nangis,
    tetiba mlm tue ternangis jugak...

  21. OMG OMG!
    sgt terliur!!

    and what more.. i tgh sgt2 nak mkn cake rite now!!

  22. wow, a lot of food for the celebration!! and all of them looks so super yummy (but for me, minus the petai of course, haha).. :)

  23. wanie - oh... kelas dah nak start. harap2 x busy

  24. dila - haha.. cake? eh... choc?

  25. sk - haha you don't eat petai at all or you avoid it for some reasons?

  26. faisal,

    owh i tau klas dah nak start,
    kita pilih tarikh yg u x bz ok:)

  27. next time I wanna join /pif.. I like ice cream cake /e2

  28. WOW! My, my...What a feast...
    They look so good Im drooling! ;P

  29. kanesh8:18 PM

    i like the powdery biscuit like kuih , u call it batang buruk rite ?sorry if im wrong kinda confused with the name

  30. joseph - but the one in the picture was too hard! i didn't know that ice cream cake got real cake in it... as i got one for my birthday... but the whole cake was ice cream!

  31. cashmere - hehe which one you like the most?

  32. kanesh - yes... hehe we called it batang buruk.

  33. yeah,
    bulan puasa akn menjelang tiba,
    jualan "batang buruk" pun akn tiba...

    bersiap sedia:)

  34. wanie - bila boleh nak tunjuk sample?

  35. faisal,

    nanti i tanya my dad,
    sbb dia yg blk sana,

  36. faisal,

    nanti org akn gelarkan u faisal btg buruk,
    mcm mama diorg panggil kak CT btg buruk...

  37. wanie - la dorang panggil mama macam tu ke?

  38. faisal,

    sbb mama dah lama jual btg buruk tue,
    masa dia masih keje ngn kerajaan lagik,
    skg dah pencen diorg akn carik mama lah,
    panggilan tue dah serasi ngn mama,

    nasib baik i x buat jual,
    kalau x nama i akn tukar jadi
    "Cik Wanie Btg Buruk",

    thn nie nak buat penambahan perniagaan plak,
    maybe brooch,

  39. This is cik wanie from cinta wanie blogspot kan..those food are superb..yum yum..

    It's been so long i haven't visit ur's even cooler now..:D..all the best with the new biz..

  40. wanie - eh bukan sebelum ni mmg dah jual?

  41. alin - yep, that's her.

    cooler? haha thanks. nothing much change. just additional side income, that's all :)

  42. faisal,

    mmg lah pernah jual,
    tapi kan lps kena tipu tue,
    mama stop kjap,
    thn nie br start blk utk jualan hari raya:)

    so u dah decide ker?

  43. faisal,

    la dah lupa lah tue,

  44. pasal plan kita tuelah;)


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