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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Bali - Seafood at Jimbaran

Jimbaran was great. Too bad we reached there a little bit late as I stucked in a bad traffic on the way to Jimbaran.

Not only I wanted to tell about the seafood here, but the view and environment were beyond words too! You can see sunset while enjoying the best seafood in town.
These were my menu. Grilled prawns, squid and red snapper. They were gigantic! Seriously. The food were so delicious.

 It was crowded, but I personally think the price there was overcharged. The food as above and drinks cost us about RM300.00. 

Seriously, I was shock when I was about to pay at the counter. 

Friend told me that you could buy the fresh seafood at wet market and bring there for them to cook and it will cost you cheaper. I haven't find out about that. Maybe next time, I can try this method :)


  1. I have to agree with you Faisal. The food at Jimbaran especially the one that you can dine on the sandy beaches really cekik darah. My wife had the worse food poisoning from eating grilled mussels there.

  2. I have yet to go Jimbaran but heard the food very nice there and also very expensive! I guess it's a place to take advantage of the tourists no? But still worth going right? : )

  3. The food & environment were truly good:)...and the price lagi bagus..hehe

  4. pergh.. tmpt cantik. kena plan pergi juga ni.. hehe

  5. DrSam,

    Food poisoning? OMG. I got diarrhea there but not sure caused by the seafood there or other food because I ate so many type of foods in Bali :)

    They said its expensive because of the view.

  6. Foongpc,

    I guess they take advantage on tourist but yes, with the great view and good food you might at least try once in your lifetime :)

  7. Hamzah,

    Yes kena pergi. Sangat best :)


Thank you for the comment.

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