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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bali - The Monkey Temple

The monkey temple in Ubud was pretty interesting. When I reached there and came out from the car, the monkeys started to come to me. From the trees and also from the temple. At the entrance, I was guided by a woman with a stick who guided me all the way in the temple. I did not think I'd enter if there was no one to accompany me, because the monkeys there were very aggressive! I did not want to get hurt fighting against them on a vacation :)

The "King"

There, you can see the monkeys were divided into 3 groups which were leaded by 3 humongous male monkeys. These 3 monkeys acted like king for their kingdom. They were bigger than others and also very aggressive and protective for their gang.

There you can also see some bats. Amazingly, the bats were huge too! Which those I saw in Malaysia around my house were a lot smaller than this. I was mesmerized by them as the owner could called them by names and they would fly to the guy. 

So, I took the chance to take some photos.

Can you see what's the "king" doing? Try to open my bag!

It's an interesting place to visit. You can enjoy the beautiful architecture buildings around there while enjoying the character and behavior of the monkeys. 

REMEMBER THIS: Do not look at the monkey's eyes. They will think you want to fight against them!


  1. Wah!!! You ingat you in Twilight or Batman? Muahahahahaha!!!! There are a lot of monkeys at the Bako National Park near Kuching. Such a nuisance - they will creep into your chalet and steal all your food.

    1. Haha you want one? I can buy and delivery for you :)

      Here, we have many monkeys at Botanical Garden and yes they will steal your food if you bring the food along while walking in the garden. Some of them are aggressive. Monkey becomes aggressive when they are close to human.

  2. Oh the monkeys so aggressive? I don't like aggressive monkeys!! Wow! The bat is quite huge! Are they vampire bats? : D

    1. Yes the monkeys were so aggressive. If there was no guide, I don't think I will enter the temple. I rather take some pictures at the entrance :)

      Yes, the bat was huge and I wonder why our local bats are small :) They can bite, just for your info. If the monkeys do not like us staring straight into their eyes, the bats cannot see finger! They will think that the finger is their food.

      Sometimes you learn new things when you travel rather than reading a book or watch Animal Planet :)


Thank you for the comment.

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