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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Shape in or ship out

1. I do not understand why government wants to extend service period to 60 years old. In my opinion, not all officers are capable to work until the age of 60.

2. I believe government must have a reason to do so.

3. I do not say that all officers are not capable but for those in high position in the company actually can work longer. It is because they have to think and read a lot in order to manage their officers. They have to work hard, in order to achieve the goal that has been set by the company.

4. I do not say that officers who are not in high position are not capable to work at age 60 but most of them do not want to learn new things such as computer applications, work related system that need them to have computer knowledge and they do not even want to do new work because they want to stay in their comfort zone and do the same things for the next 10 years or more.

5. I do not need to give example for this matter but you can see in your own office does not matter in private sector or government they are the same. If it is not all, then it is most of them.

6. Let me give example based on my company. Those who are 50 years old and above do the same work and prefer to do the same if possible until they retire. They go for some computer courses. They go for some advance courses. The result is not as what we expect. They come back and still want to do the same work and hope that all computer works related will be given to the new officers with an excuse: “They are new and fresh from school. They should be good in computer”.

7. It is sad to hear that the new and fresh graduate officers need to do more work compare to the senior who have more experience and worse receive better salary.

8. My point is, why should we pay them when they cannot give their best to suit the modern demand and not pay those fresh graduates? We pay the senior a lot but we only need to pay the fresh ones less than what we have to pay the senior.

9. In term of salary, we can save a lot. Maybe many of you would ask me: “What about the experience?” Well, do you think the senior can really teach the experience to the fresh graduate? Experience can be learned from self experience as year pass by. Remember, the senior usually are very weak in computer and what advantage can they give in this modern technology?

10. We want to apply the “green environment” method to all companies in our country. If they are IT blinded, how would this campaign succeed?

11. An email written by the previous CEO caught my attention: Shape in or ship out. I truly agree, if you cannot shape in the company; you should ship out of the company. If we can apply this to all companies, we can be successful and at the same time vanish the jobless youngsters. The goal is not vague as long as we do it in a proper way. I believe with all the intelligent peoples we have, we can solve this problem.


  1. hidup ini tidak adillll..bos naik kn gaji saya cepatttttt

  2. Che Det's style, :)

    I suspect they want to prolong people's working years because people are living longer these days. When the age 55 was set as the retirement age, people probably died by the time they were 60, and sis not have problems. These days, retired folks spend countlss years doing nothing although they are physically capable.

    Totally see your point though... old(er) people are really difficult when it comes to things like changing attitude.

  3. Agreed. We are the ones who should be adapting right? The first thing that we can always change is ourselves. :D

  4. indeed you are right. Somehow, I always have a doubt that the research regarding any decisions ever been done thoroughly. When lots of better, younger, energetic and willing-to-do-almost-everything post grads with no jobs nowadays need the positions, I believe these people should be given a chance. Take my sis for example, with all the criteria suit the demand, but with no vacancy, she is left with no choice but to wait. Luckily she got scholar instead of loan.

    I believe we should start to implement (strict) performance-based position and pay. Those who are no longer productive, it will be advisable for them to change (or quit?) for maybe better field.

    I love your writing. =)

  5. Quite true the older senior staff are resting on their laurels and would think no point to learn and strife so hard after all they would be retiring soon.

  6. ayunda,

    haha kenapa pulak?

  7. terra,

    i doubt that they really think about the age of us.

    to me, the benefit goes to those who are at high position.

  8. tekkaus,

    yes bro. i agree with you. so it is either you can shape in or ship out for good.

  9. izzy,

    someone (minister perhaps?) need to change this. government departments are getting worse if there is no action taken.

    we cannot compare a government department with a private company. why? both looking for some goals to but why the government department should lack of will to work and improve (integrity as well!) compared to private company?

    it is weird for sure. we are taxing everybody to achieve our goal to be a developed country but those money are going to the drain when we are paying "rubbish" that are useless in the department.

    then, we complain about jobless graduate? :)

    too many crazy things are happening in our country and this is just part of it :)

  10. bananaz,

    yes, that is what happening to my office :)

    ... even though not all!

  11. The trouble with government service - once you're in, you're safe for life...unless you do something real bad like murder and the like.

    They really should weed out the non-performers, the dead wood...the parasites... SO many of them everywhere...just waiting for the pay at the end of the month. These are the ones who would NOT want to retire early!

    And they get time-based promotion some more... Really really stupid.

  12. stp,

    the problem is the politic in the company itself.

    those ass-kisser usually will get promoted to higher post easily compared to those who work their ass off and work extra time.

    it is worse when those who do not know how to work be the boss and leave all their shit totally to their staff.

    isn't that too much?

    when the staff voice out the unsatisfied feeling, the person will be blacklisted and more works to him/her.


  13. When we are at their age, we will know better :)

  14. babypose,

    i did asked some of them regarding this and this is what they answer, exactly like what you comment.

    seriously, it is hard for me to accept this kind of answer as every problem must have a solution but by answering this way, it is not a solution at all. don't you think?

    we have to look at the bright side, even though most of the time the truth hurt.

  15. i hope to still be able to spread knowledge at 60. =) thanks for this. and latest entry is dedicated to a way. you inspired it. hope to hear your comments on it soon. and thanks again.

  16. nani,

    sure you can :)

    oh that is cool! i can't wait to read it. sorry for late reply, just got out from hospital.

  17. Faisal,
    I've been asking the same question for quite some time at the gomen move to extend the retiring age and still wondering. My only assumption is, most of them (veteran) think they are immortal...

  18. DrSam,

    I always think that there is something fishy is going on. I might sound negative but it is really insane to work with 60 years old people. As I mentioned earlier, most of them cannot work anymore and they go to office for the sake of money. Instead of they retire and stay home watching TV, they might stay in the office and gossip. If they are fortunate, they can even get free lunch after meeting.

    For quality work. I do not see any. If yes, very little percentage.

    Now everyone signed for age 60 retirement. Gosh.

  19. oceangirl,

    Happy new year! :)

  20. Bananaz,

    Happy new year Bananaz :)

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  22. I salute you for being able to express your opinion very well and I understand your sentiments...


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