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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10 things you must know in a relationship

1. A relationship needs a good understanding and toleration.

2. A relationship needs to be cherished all the time.

3. Sometimes you need to give compliment to make your partner feel happy.

4. You need to give compliment on the physical attraction. It is sad when we get the compliment from others and not from our partner.

5. Remain the behavior that you did since the beginning of the relationship. Most people do not do the things they did when they first met and when they were so in love after the relationship grows older.

6. You need to be creative in the relationship. Always create something new and interesting in anything you do together.

7. Do not always complain and nag. It can make your partner feels annoying.

8. Do not tell everything that happens in the relationship to your friend. Worse when your partner knows about it.

9. Do not always compare the things you have done to your partner with your partner contribution.

10. Last one is trust your partner. Love should base on trust. If there is no trust, there is no love.


  1. and do not criticise criticise partner too much.

  2. No 5. Very, very important :)

  3. A relationship is a 2 ways streets. :p

  4. Wah! So difficult to maintain a relationship? : D

  5. Kalau enkau ramai sahabat bersyukurlah!Lantaran ramai orang yang menghargai dan memperhatikan engkau,tandanya harga dirimu mahal dan timbangannya berat.

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  6. small kucing,

    haha yeah!

  7. terra,

    we tend to forget about it and we will realize when the relationship comes to the end.

  8. tekkaus,

    yes a agree. it works both way.

  9. foong,

    haha what do you think?

  10. afzainizam,

    too complicated nak faham tu :)


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