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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am not racist.

I am not racist.

Sometimes we do not realize that we are racist. When we talk to our friends who are the same race with us, we tend to use the race if there is other race involve in the conversation.

I am not racist.

We do not realize that we always think our race is better than others. We try to find the strength in our race and compared to others. The fact is each race has its own strength and specialty.

I am not racist.

We will put our own race as priority in many things. It does not matter if it is in sport, academic or even donation. Why don’t we put the race aside and do it honestly and as a human being.

I am not racist.

If these simple things can be vanished, I believe that it is easy to unite all of us. The question is: Is it impossible?

I remember my CEO’s sentence that he always use in his speech or email. “Nothing is impossible & impossible is nothing”.

Credit to Hamirat Hassan for the pictures.


  1. We are after all the same, right? :D

  2. Scientifically race does not exist. Race only means a group of people who come together as a tribe that shares common language and culture and other common share like in the case of the Malay tribe, we share common religion. We should push for the Malaysian tribe.

  3. I am not a racist too! But I think politicians are!!!

  4. Not all politicians, but some of them : )

  5. I've noticed it, even in some people's status updates... really uncool, I think.

    I agree with Foong up there, that some politicians are part of the reason why people have racist thoughts.

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  7. small kucing,

    thank you.

  8. tekkaus,

    yes, agree. what we need to do now is to change the race to Malaysian.

    then it can reduce racism :)

  9. oceangirl,

    i am totally agree with you!

  10. foong,

    most of them at least?

  11. terra,

    yes. they should change this attitude if they want everybody to unite.

    yet, they talk so loud about unity!

  12. Well, I'm happy to hear that from a young Malaysian :)

    Looking at the photos posted, it feels like it's the older generations of Malaysians who are more muhibbah.

    I grew up with friends from various races but since I'm pushing 40, that makes me the older generation...

    Maybe there ARE younger Malaysians who think like you too - be nice to see them in action. Be sure to let me know if you see any ok?

  13. English Teacher,

    one of the photos is from my company. it was taken from a marching event on August 31. independence day.

    coincident i think that they put the seniors in front. actually most of them in who marched that day were junior.

    to me, the age does not matter at all as long as there is concern about multiracial in our country. if only the older generation aware of this, what will happen in the future? i hope no more mei 13 incident! but if the young generation still with their own philosophy about their own race, then it is not impossible the tragedy will repeat. then, we regret. again it will be too late.

    i do hope someday there is no more other race except malaysian in our country. then there is unity!


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