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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Touch N Go Rebates


For those of you who use touch & go almost every day and you should be able to get rebate when U top up check it out.

Recently I was talking to a friend, who travels a lot during the course of the business. He told me out of curiosity, he heard about the rebates toll users are entitled to. So he asked the person at the toll office (where you can top up your Touch N Go (like those in Sg. Besi, Ayer Keroh, Sg. Buloh, Bkt. Raja and the one entering Shah Alam) about the rebate when he went there for a top up. She told him that the rebates you have accumulated need to be credited to your Touch N Go "within" 6 months. Otherwise, the rebates will be extinguish (that is "kaput").if not credited to your Touch N Go within this period. To his surprise, he got a rebate of RM468.

My mate told me since I always travel down to Singapore regularly, I should go and check it out what rebates I have and do it fast. So, this morning, on my way to Melaka, I stopped at Ayer Keroh toll to check my rebates. To my surprise, I have got RM58 and this amount was transferred to top up my Touch N Go card. What a pleasant surprise. Imagine, if I had heard about it earlier, I could have checked it earlier last year when I had to drive down to Singapore once every fortnight

So, for those of you who use the Tagged or Touch N Go card, go and check it out. Imagine the millions of $$$ Touch N Go operators have saved from giving out the rebates to deserving customers. Remember, you can only claim the rebates at the Toll area where you can top up your card. You cant get the rebates done when you top up your Touch N Go card in other places like ATM Machine, Bank, online, 7 Eleven etc... MUST BE AT TOLL Centre…

Touch N Go did announce it in the newspapers very briefly but little info or brochures were given out for obvious reasons. Wouldn’t you do the same if you were the operator huh?




Additional info……

20% Rebate Toll is a frequent travelers programmed sponsored by Malaysian Government for all qualified Touch 'n Go (TNG) card users who use the TNG card for toll payment at all highways from September 1 2009 onwards.

To qualify, cardholders will need to use TNG card a minimum of 80 times to pay for any toll payment in all highways in Malaysia within a calendar month. A 20% rebate is given to the qualified cardholders calculated as 20% of the entire transaction amount. To view the rebate entitlements, cardholders must register in this portal. Cardholders can redeem the rebates via card reload at all the 136 TNG sales counters.

Touch N Go Sdn Bhd (TNG) is the operator of Touch ‘n Go, SmartTAG and The Central Clearing House System (CCHS). Incorporated in October 1996 and officially launched its services in March 1997 at Metramac Highway and PLUS Expressways, TNG provides contactless means of fare payment services via a pre-paid e-payment card called the Touch ‘n Go card. Touch ‘n Go enhances the convenience and efficiency of paying for low-value but high frequency transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this 20% toll rebate program for frequent tolled highway users?
The 20% toll rebate program is designed to alleviate the financial burden of frequent tolled highway users in West Malaysia who meet certain criteria. The program has been announced by the Prime Minister Dato' Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak in commemoration of his "100 hari Najib Bersama Rakyat".


2. When does this program start?
The program starts on September 1st 2009.


3. Who qualifies for the program?
The program is open to all Touch 'n Go SmartTAG users, whether existing or new, under Class 1 vehicles, except Biz Xs and Fleet Xs users.


4. How many transactions are needed to get the rebate and how is it calculated?
Just use your Touch 'n Go/SmartTAG card for a minimum of 80 transactions on tolled highways within a month starting September 2009.


Examples for rebate calculation:


5. When and how can I get my toll rebate value?

Total monthly

Monthly use

20% toll 





The minimum criterion of 80 toll transactions in a month has not been met.




The minimum criterion of 80 toll transactions in a month has not been met.




The minimum criterion of 80 toll transactions in a month has been met.




The minimum criterion of 80 toll transactions in a month has been met.


The rebate value for a particular month will be credited into your Touch 'n go card starting the 5th of the following month. The accreditation scheme starts operating on October 5th 2009.

Just bring your Touch 'n Go card to any sales outlets on selective tolled highways or Touch 'n Go sales counters for confirmation. If you qualify, the rebate value will be accredited into your card immediately.


6. Where are these sales outlets on selective tolled highways and Touch 'n Go sales counters located?
The sales outlets on selective tolled highways and Touch 'n Go sales counters are located in the following places:



• Faber Towers
• KL Sentral


• Jitra
• Alor Setar Utara
• Pendang
• Sg Petani Selatan
• Sg Dua
• Juru
• Bukit Tambun Selatan
• Jawi
• Taiping Utara
• Kuala Kangsar
• Ipoh Selatan
• Tapah
• Bidor
• Jalan Duta
• Sg Besi
• Batu Tiga
• Sg Rasau
• Damansara
• Subang
• Kota Damansara
• Setia Alam
• Kajang

• Bandar Baru Nilai
• Senawang
• Ayer Keroh
• Yong Peng Utara
• Ayer Itam
• Skudai
• Kempas

• Kubang Semang

• Seafield

• Taman Perling 

• Penang Bridge

• Bagan Ajam

• Kuantan

• KL East-West Link (Cheras bound)

• Dato' Keramat

• Mines (South)

• Sg Balak

• Pantai Dalam
• PJS 2
• PJS 5

• Kapar

• Kajang Selatan

• Batu


7. What is the service charge for redeeming the rebate value?
There is no service charge for redeeming the rebate value.


8. Can I get a rebate on my Touch 'n Go card usage apart from using it on tolled highways?
No, you can't. The rebate is specifically for toll usage only.


9. How can I check my Touch 'n Go usage?
Touch 'n Go users can check their registered card usage online via web portal


10. Can I get my rebate value before September 1st 2009?
No, you can't, because the accrual of rebate value only begins on September 1st 2009.


11. If I use less than 80 times on tolled highways this month, can I carry forward the transactions to next month?
No, you can't. The toll rebate value is calculated based on a minimum of 80 toll transactions in one month only. (example: September 1st to September 30th 2009)


12. If I make more than 80 transactions on tolled highways this month, can I carry forward my excess transactions to the next month?
No. The excess transaction shall not be carried forward for redemption.


13. If I make more than 80 toll transactions per month for a few months consecutively, can I redeem my cumulative rebate value in one go in a future month?
Yes, you can claim your cumulative rebate value in a future month as long as you meet the minimum criterion of 80 toll transactions every month.


14. Can I claim my rebate value in cash?
No, the rebate value is given as reload value for your Touch 'n Go card only.


15. Can I get this rebate program together with other rebate programs or discount schemes? (Examples: PlusMILES Program or Frequent LDP User Program)
Yes, you can enjoy this rebate program together with other existing rebate program or discount schemes.


16. I have lost my Touch 'n Go card and lodged a report with Touch 'n Go Customer Service Hotline. Can I redeem the rebate value on my lost card?
Yes, but only for registered Touch 'n Go cards. You can transfer each and every transaction to a new Touch 'n Go card at any Touch 'n Go sales centre.


17. When is this toll rebate program ending?
It will go on until a certain time in the future, to be informed later.


18. For how long is the rebate value valid?
It is valid for 6 months.


19. I have passed a tolled highway and been fined the highest penalty. Would the transaction and toll value be calculated for toll rebate?
Yes, but only the number of transaction will be calculated for rebate, NOT the amount transacted.


20. Where can I get detailed information about this program?
You can contact Touch 'n Go customer service at 03-7628 5115.


  1. I top up via the ATM. Sigh...such a hassle to have to go to the toll office to check. Why can't they offer rebates online?

  2. thx for sharing d info..nnt nak suh hubby g check la..

  3. mei teng - hehe maybe soon mei teng :)

  4. bardboo - no problem :)

  5. Thanks for the information. I didnt know that

  6. smallkucing - no problem :)

  7. I was not aware of these rebates until I read about it in another blog the other day. They purposely did not want to let us know izit?!

  8. foong - well, indirectly i would say :)

  9. Tak pk hal touch n go sbb sini takde toll..huhu

  10. ad - eh highway baru tu takde ke?

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