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Friday, October 15, 2010

very tired


i’m super busy lately. not just with my office work, but with assignments, study group, classes and also preparation for innovation day and 5 S. at this moment, i feel like a superman. can i sing the song superman, instead?

this week, i was hardly get a good rest and even a good sleep. unless, fell asleep unprepared should be considered as good sleep.

i got bunch of assignments to get done. i’m struggling. i mean, very struggling. the assignments are not easy and seriously i’m jealous to my colleagues who are taking courses from UITM. they have easier assignments and less tress compared to me (sorry, no hard feeling peeps from UITM ya). well, i asked them. not making my own conclusion though… trust me, for a part time student, you won’t want an assignment which you need a journal with 10 articles and make your own article based on them with 10,000 words. haha! big headache honey…!

(last night i fell asleep right after went to kfc with a friend (have to!) because the hot ticket from hotlink due on 15th).

this week, too, we did big preparation for the innovation day and 5 S. well, no stress seriously. we had a lot of fun but very tiring. picking up some stones at batu feringghi and in front of seagate. stick stuff here and there. re-designed the arch files. painting up our pantry. draw office map and the list goes on.

because of my tight schedule, i will only join badminton: juru open and cancel my plan to join penang bridge run :( it’s sad but i have to. or else i have to drop few subjects in usm this year. it’s a big NO NO :( see you penang bridge run next year, i hope.

so guys, what i want you to do is to pray that everything will be going smooth with me… as planned. God bless..!


  1. meow - haha jom nyanyi lagu superman?

  2. Yelah kan,
    Ngn u nak exam nanti,
    Mestilah lagi bz,
    Tapi biarpun sibuk mcm mana pun,
    U need a gud rest too,
    Kalau x nanti u akn jatuh sakit,
    Take care n smile alwaz.....;)

  3. Pray and he will decide. Don't worry bro. :D

  4. Sometimes, we do feel like superman...when there are countless tasks to do.

  5. everything will go back to normal...
    will pray for it...
    wish you all the best

  6. wanie - yes. i need a good rest. i will abandon some of the activities.

  7. tekkaus - yes, i will :)

  8. mei teng - yeah, and we wish we got more free time :)

  9. blue - thanks mate. hope it will happen soon...

  10. all the best faisal..u can do it

  11. wahidah - thanks wai :)

  12. Wow! U r a Superman!! : )

    Wish you all the best! Work hard but take some rests, yeah?

  13. foong - haha you wanna be superman too?

    will do bro :)

  14. work hard but must play hard also :D

  15. gheeh buddy dont push your self too much
    always took a time to rest
    achievements wont be worth it if you'll be sick and will not enjoy life

  16. I really love that song
    one of my most favorite actually

    I love the meaning and the melody

    gheeh and it gives back some memory of smaville

  17. and oh take some vitamins dude

  18. smallkucing - play hard? hehe. then getting tired too :P

  19. poorprince - hehe, will try my best to get enough rest :)

  20. poorprince - hehe smallville is nice but i watched few episodes on tv only. i guess the series has finished?

    yeah, this song is nice and it is about me now... haha!

  21. poorprince - i need some fresh fruits and veggie :)

  22. poorprince - you have a great day too buddy :)


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