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Saturday, October 02, 2010

need more stress?

i believe a person who decides to continue study while working is ready for more stress instead of work stress. not to mention, some people facing family problem and it creates stress too.

so, i’m one of them. i have no idea why i had make this decision for the second attempt to put more pressure on me. blame the environment? or blame myself for putting myself in the middle of stress.

*brb -- need some water for my fcuking dry throat which cause non-stop cough!*

ok, back.

well, actually if you ask me, my intention of continue study is different from others. if you ask them, they would tell you that they want to go to higher position at work. officer, at least. or maybe apply for a teacher? but, it’s not me. why i would want a more difficult job/task if i can get same salary (including my other side income which give me positive cash flow) like them?

hmm. well, not only you but me too… wonder why?

self satisfaction perhaps? maybe. as i said before… i won’t be 40’s in my company and that’s it. instead of putting stress from work, i put the stress struggling to find a business for myself too. when i start a business, do i have plenty time for studying like now too? (eh plenty, right now? is it? eh eh!).

seriously, i envy those who take enjoyable course like music or art as their degree and master. better if phd. i’d prefer to continue my degree in IT instead of management a.k.a business but when i look back at my diploma, nothing much to be proud of. i mean, IT moves so fast as lightning and leave me alone. so, maybe it is a better opportunity to choose this field as i’d like to jump into business in the future.

oh ya, talking about future, how far is the future? well, only god knows.

enough crap from me. i need to submit an assignment this monday. daa…!


note1: oi bahagian perumahan, release my 22k! i need my house key :( i don’t want to be left alone do the renovation.

note2: anyone interested to rent a house at seberang jaya, do email me will keep you posted.


  1. Always remember ... study something because you know you like it and it suitable for you. ppl dun get rich bcoz of cert, ppl get rich bcoz of knowledge and relationship ;)

  2. Well..I kinda know it feels. For is very tiring. :D

  3. that's always what i got from my work and from my school... waaahh i feel like my head will burst any time

  4. kksim - agree. all rich men in the world have no cert.

    what i'm doing now is get some knowledge for myself and a degree cert at least, so that the person who deals with me will feel secure and confident.

    let say, if i go to a saloon, i usually look at their certs which they usually put in the frames and stick them on the wall.

    or, maybe it's me who always look at them? haha.

  5. tekkaus - you plan to do your master?

  6. blue - you are a part time student too?

  7. learning and growing is a never ending process as our life goes by the things you learn is much valuable than the thing you remember,

    and along this process stress is just a common thing that we have to face

    but every stress we encounter will fade out as we reached achievements and success

  8. poorprince - i couldn't agree more :)

  9. Agree with Prince there.Learning for self satisfaction

  10. smallkucing - hehe agree. so that, you won't get the stress.


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