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Monday, September 13, 2010

Soccer and meeting new people

Ah, I forgot to write about this.

My apologize to Mak Itam and Pak itam.

When everybody were busy with World Cup, I was busy making friends. Meeting new people. This time I met Wanie’s relative called Mak Itam and Pak Itam together with their son.

It was Pak Itam’s birthday so we met at Restoran Kapitan in front of QueensBay Mall for dinner and celebrate his birthday.

CIMG6622 Yea, same faces.

CIMG6627… with my garlic nan and tandoori chicken.

CIMG6628Pak Itam with his foods. He really ate a lot :)

CIMG6631 After eating, I watched the game between Portugal vs Brasil

CIMG6634So, this is the cake

CIMG6636 Surprise! Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe

CIMG6638Pak Itam and Mak Itam… how lovely!

image  Happy Birthday! :)

CIMG6657CIMG6659It’s time to go home :)

It was a great pleasure to meet Pak Itam and Mak Itam and I hope to meet them again in the future :)


  1. It's goo that Pak Itam can eat a lot.

    Chinese says that to have the ability to eat is "fook". I think fook means properity. Sorry ya. AM not chinese educated thus translation L-licence :p

  2. smallkucing - yes. when he listed foods that he wanted to eat in 1 day, i was choke and almost fainted!

  3. entry ne patutnya dh lama kan..hehehe.....late entry ...:)

  4. mak ai,
    rasanya nie kisah 2 bulan yg lps kan,
    br kluaq,

    x kisahlah dah lama ka,
    asalkan ada kan,

    pak tam ngn mak tam mmg request mcm2 nak mkn,
    tambah mak tam tue,
    mcm2 dia nak mkn,
    nanti u ngn keith kena bawak tau...

    18hb nie diorg ada kat loq staq,
    so dpt lah jumpa lagi kan:)

  5. wai - haha belek2 jumpa gambar2 ni.

  6. wanie - yep. eh buat dekat rumah u kan?

  7. Yes darl buat kat umah i lah,
    nak buat kat mana lagi kan,
    nak buat kat hotel x mampoo,
    huk huk huk....
    Dtg awal skit na.....;)

  8. All kaki bola heh! were donning Portugal jersey huh!

  9. wanie - harap2 dpt dtg.

  10. tekkaus - haha! i was the only portugal fan there.

  11. nice foods
    nice friends
    the plentier friends you'll get the better the life will be

  12. poorprince - yeah :) a lot of stories to tell.

  13. faisal,

    i,mama,mak tam,pak tam mengharapkan kedatangan u n keith ke teratak buruk i nie,
    lagipun dah lama x jumpa,
    x silap i dah 2 bulan x jumpa,
    rindu tau...

    rindu ngn kenangan2 bersama:)

    hope u can make it...

  14. wanie, i do hope so :)

  15. -SalamAidilfitri-Maaf Zahir & Batin-
    buat pembaca blog kami
    semoga kesalahan dimaafkan, silaturrahim kekal erat

    happy birtday pak itam ko .... yang tulis 15 tahun tu apahal plak ye... mudanya

  16. Afzainizam & Admar : owh..pasal 15 tahun tu..aku igt aku salah baca or kedai kek tu salah tulis...ahaha..

  17. ayunda - haha saja nyakat :)

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