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Friday, September 03, 2010

Harvest In

A new place found by my friend is Harvest In. It’s located at Irrawady Road which is somewhere around Citibank area. You can email me at for the direction or kindly leave message in my Facebook inbox.
The foods there are much better than JL cafe at Prangin Mall (which my friend told me exactly like Mizi’s cafe at New World Park). Only that the portion in Harvest In is smaller than them. Who cares about the portion when the taste is so delicious? At least, I do not care :)
I have been there 3 times and these were the foods that I have tasted (sorry for bad quality pictures as there were taken by my Nokia N70 phone-camera) :
My first time…
200720105091 Grilled BBQ chicken (the gravy is so delicious and the chicken is very tender)
200720105090Black pepper fried rice (delicious!)
200720105088 Soup and garlic bread (nothing special)
200720105089Juices were good!
My second time…
image  Chicken Cordon Bleu (this one confirm much better than JL!)
image Yummy black pepper steak!
… and the 3rd time,
image Chef’s choice chicken chop (I’d say so so as it was crispy enough but the gravy was so so like others)
image Delicious too :)
I’ll surely go again to Harvest In soon. What about you?


  1. Oo in penang? Yay i still got chance to try it next next year haha. Looks really tempting.

  2. chris - yea :) next year? omg. a long way to go bro. haha!

  3. faisal,

    kalau dah lebey dari sekali pegi,
    makanya tempat tue mmg sedaplah mknan2nya kan,
    u kan pandai dlm bab2 mkn nie kan:)

    harganya mcm mana plak?
    mahal ka murah ka?
    atau standard?

  4. wanie - murah. chicken chop rm8 je tak silap. ok tak?

  5. where is that? why not publish the address and contact here

  6. smallkucing - The cafe is located at 10, Irrawaddy Road. For those who haven’t been there before, you should really go and try the food. The business hours is from 11.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. :)

  7. Still all of these are delicious. :D

  8. tekkaus - yes bro :)

  9. Gosh! You need a camera. Don;t do justive to the food... How much? Must be quite expensive....

  10. *Don't do justice...

  11. stp - LOL. if i go during lunch time, i don't bring my DSLR. but if during dinner, i can bring my dslr. sorry for the bad quality (which i already mentioned earlier in the post).

    how much? which one? :P it's not expensive compared to other restaurants.

  12. stp - ok2... got you :)

  13. wahhhhh sgt menyelerakan. definitely in my jln2 cari makan list :D

  14. faisal,

    rm 8????
    oklah tue price dia,
    murah okeh,
    mana nak dpt lagi harga mcm tue,

  15. belle - yeah, you should try! :)

  16. wanie - yep. murah :)

  17. murah la chicken chop die..nk jugakkkkkkkkkk

  18. wai - haha meh penang

  19. fuh
    nasib tgok waktu dah nak berbuka

    meh komen kejap pasal iklan raya tv3 yang baru nih

    P/S : Iklan Raya Aidilfitri TV3 Tahun Nih Macam Ada Tak Kena! Ini Bukan Hari Natal....

  20. Sedap la eh? Argh!! Lapar tetiba.

  21. cahaya - haha sabar. puasa tu.

  22. wow this pictures makes me feel hungry

  23. poorprince - you should try :) are you in penang?


Thank you for the comment.

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