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Monday, August 06, 2012

Congratulation Dato' Lee Chong Wei!

As you can see the picture above, my hero Dato' Lee Chong Wei was crying last night on TV after defeated by China player Lin Dan (who is also called Super Dan). 

Before this 2 giants meet, our hope for bronze vanished when our men double Koo Kean Keat and Tan Boon Heong were defeated by Korean pair Lee Yong Dae and Jung Jae Sung.

In Twitter and Facebook, everybody was talking about Baskin Robbins ice cream which Malaysian can eat it for free if we get gold in Olympics 2012. Also about gold that cost millions for DLCW. But the most important thing was the pride that he took with him to make us, Malaysian proud.

Started well in the first set, DLCW won 21-15 against Lin Dan which gained his confidence and left Lin Dan under pressure. Lin Dan did not want to give up but gave his best and DLCW lose to him 10-21. I could see DLCW could not catch up with the point gap in second set and wanted to finish it as soon as possible and need to win in the rubber game. The rubber game was the best ever, when we could see the point gap was only 1 to 2 points until the end which made our heart thumping crazily. Seriously, I felt like I was at the side of the court. Or worse, I was the one playing! I envy their mental strength and could cope with the situation. The luck was not on our side and Lin Dan won the competition 21-19. 

He cried when the umpire announced the result. Same went with our heart. Broken hearted. Sad. Even though we are proud of him all the time. Who else could ever made us proud so far? I mean, DLCW is the biggest achievement. 

What makes me worry now, China has Chen Long the bronze medalist to replace Lin Dan. What about us Malaysia? Who is going to replace DLCW? :(

Hopefully someday, somehow, we could get a replacement. But you DLCW, will always be my hero. One day, I'll tell my kids, nieces and nephews. DLCW was a hero, was my idol and a legend.

I'm proud of you!!!

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