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Monday, August 06, 2012


Last night right after the Men Single Badminton Final, Keith fetch me and we drove to Batu Maung to fetch my friend, Syam. We planned to sit for a cup of coffee since he came back from Kuala Lumpur to visit his family in Penang.

We used the shortcut way to Batu Maung which was the factory area behind the airport (we were from Bayan Baru) and when we reached a corner there, a car that did not turn at the corner drove straight to the lorry in front of us. The lorry managed to dodge the car and it came straight to us. Luckily Keith managed to dodge a bit and the car hit our right side of the car. 

He stopped in the middle of the road. I was the one who came out of the car quick. I guessed Keith was in shock. I called him out even though I could not see a thing as it was dark and I asked Keith to get his car plate number quick in case he drive away. Then he came out. An old Indian guy. He could not walk straight. Damn, he was drunk. I really hate a drunken driver. He could hit us straight just now and we might be in serious injury because, HE IS DRUNK! I was mad. Very mad. I felt like punching his face right away but I tried my best to stay calm. He kept went in and out of his car. I kept looking at his hand in case he takes things in his hand which could be dangerous to us. But nothing. He went into his car again and move to the road side. 

He came to us. Keith was in silence. 

He talked to me in hard-to-understand Malay: "Apa lu mau cakap?". I was like... What??? After you hit us and you asking me this crap??? But I remain calm. I replied: "You sudah langgar... tengok la apa jadi?".  He replied me: "Ok tak apa saya bayar 3 ringgit... 300 ratus saya bayar... mau report polis pun takpa". Fine, I replied: "Saya mau buat report polis. Tapi you kena ikut!". He agreed to follow. I repeated for few time: "You kena ikut!!". We drove near to his car and I capture his plate number via my iphone but the picture was very blur with or without flash light. Then we drove slowly to make sure he follows us. The road there was freaking dark maybe because it was behind the airport and it will make the planes confuse. He followed us and he did not even realize his light was off. I was worry he will hit us at the back again since he was drunk and did not turn on the light. We tried to make a gap between his car and ours but then half way, he disappeared. 

"Fuck!" I shouted. I really felt regret not punching his face now! I know rule is rule and I could be in jail if I punch him but he really got on my nerves! 

Keith wanted to turn back and find him. But I don't see the point of keep searching for him and let him follow. He won't be going to the police station for sure because he knew it was his fault and he might get serious punishment for being drunk and drive.

I made a decision. We went straight to the police station to make a report. 

The incident happened around 9:55pm and I called mom around 10:01pm told her what had happen in case he attacked us or something at least she knew. We reached at the police station around 15 minutes later and thank God the traffic police at the counter was very helpful. Too bad I forgot to get his name so that I can give some compliment to him. He was smart and quick in typing unlike some other officers very slow and a lot of typing error for a report. He was friendly and could make us calm talking about badminton and Olympics. After he took our report, Keith need to be questioned again in detail with another officer. I could not follow to this room. I waited outside. About an hour or so, we were done with the report. The police promised to call us and give us his phone number and we can get the result by Wednesday.  

I hope everything goes smoothly and Keith could claim insurance.

P/s: Keith has been involved with accident with this new car for a few times. Own fault reverse parking near my house and hit the drain badly, accident near Dynacraft Factory which involved 3 cars and he was the most front and own fault one of his tyre went into a drain at Pahang Road. His old Honda City brought more luck to him as no accident for 12 years. Perhaps, he needs a new car?


  1. oh my.. thank god xde siapa cedera..

  2. thanks for sharing.

  3. this is so freaky. i have never dealt with a drunk before. hopefully i'd never have to. it's good thing nobody got hurt. alhamdulillah!

    so has he bought a new car?

    p/s: thanks for the comment on my blog. =)

    1. Yes Nani, Alhamdulillah nobody gets hurt.

      No, he has not but plan to. I suggest to him don't as I don't believe in luck thingy. Even some of his colleagues told him so too, not to sell.

  4. Thank goodness you guys are all okay! I hope the police catch the creep.

    1. Yes Tammy, I really hate drunken driver :(


Thank you for the comment.

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