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Tuesday, October 25, 2011



Bad luck today. But, who cares? :)

As usual, I stayed at office until 7pm to finish my work (well, I know it’s so impossible to finish work! if not, why do you go to work everyday?). Got a call from my mom that my sister is sick and could not drive to fetch my niece.

It rained heavily and strong wind too at the office. Luckily, the traffic was not that bad.

On the way to the nursery house, I did not see the hole on the road because it was covered with the water from the rain. Boom! My left-back tyre already in that freaking hole and made a “cute” sound.

“Wow!” I shouted. (actually it was other word but not suitable to be written in here haha).

Mom was shocked too.

I realized my tyre got sound when I was almost reach my house and yes, I guessed it right, the tyre is punctured!


I just bought a GPS (Garmin nuvi 1350 and cost me RM560) and now this tyre is helping me hehe. Oh yea, mom remind me about road tax and insurance that I have to pay next month.

Ok, fine. MacBook Pro 15” should be kept in my dreamland again for the third time.


  1. Oh what bad luck!! Well, take comfort that you are safe. Wow! Planning to get a MacBook Pro? I think I wanna get MacBook Air : )

  2. it can happen. glad everyone is safe. and yes, macbook air is the way to go.

  3. ouch..that's a hole in the tyre and in the wallet too.

  4. Aw, sorry to hear about the tyre and shelved plans for the macbook air.

    Totally agree - work never ends, no matter how long you stay to do it!

  5. wah wah wah,
    dah beli GPS yer,
    oklah tue,
    memudahkan lagi perjalanan u :)

  6. That is bad luck! Pot holes in the roas are lethal aren't they!

    An as for mac books, good choice

  7. foong,

    yes, agree. i should be grateful that i was safe and money can be earned again :)

    why macbook air? the best spec should be macbook pro. don't you think so?

  8. oceangirl,

    oh no! you vote for macbook air too? :(

    yes, glad that we were safe.

  9. looks like a month of spending~ good luck will come :).

  10. small kucing,

    the hole was at the side, so there is no other option than to change the whole tyre! :(

  11. terra,

    its macbook pro :P

    its foong's fault! haha.

    yeah, that's the fact! work work work!

  12. cw,

    ala gps biasa je. haha!

  13. tyres,

    yep! i don't understand why the road here in malaysia is so bad!

    you prefer macbook pro too?

  14. lady,

    pray for me! hehe!

  15. Oh dear! Ah long as everybody was all right and no one got hurt, that would be the most important thing. Crazy weather these days - take care...especially when in the road.

  16. stp,

    agree stp. thank you ya.

    it's raining here almost everyday. how about sarawak?

  17. ala GPS biasa ke luar biasa ker,
    ok saja,
    asalkan bole guna kan:)

  18. Wanie,

    Betul tu Wanie. Yang penting boleh guna kan :)

    Nanti senang lah nak cari jalan ke rumah you.


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