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Saturday, October 29, 2011


As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
From whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever


I think this is the best song I can find on youtube that suits the mood right now.

Few months ago, 2 colleagues from Kuala Lumpur came to Penang. One was Shida (fresh graduate) and another one was Ayie.

After a week or so, we got close. Both of them were so friendly and the best thing was we had many things in common.

I went to Kuala Lumpur very often lately, together with both of them and Keith. The journey was full of fun. We laughed, we talked and we teased each other happily. I tried to be the best shoulder for them to cry on. Even though I was not a good listener and could not give best advise, I’m still glad that I was there for them when they needed me. Remember the moment when we break the fast together at Hammer Bay?

We played badminton. We played table tennis. Too many things we did together. Even though, Cameron Highlands and Danok plans were cancelled for some reasons. But I hope both of you will come again, together to Penang again and maybe we can go travel somewhere together too. I hope.


I’m still sad even though I did not cry just now. But that is me. I always keep thing inside. Deep in my heart, no one knows.

Shida is on her way now. Drive safely Shida. Always remember us here.

Ayie is packing his last stuff at the house now. When I hugged him just now, I almost cry. But I tried to stay calm and be strong. He is going to take a nap and will be driving back later. Drive safely Ayie! Same thing, remember us here!

All the best to both of you! We are going to miss both of you so much! Love you :(


  1. Yeah, that's quite a good song for farewells... I never had really good friends at work though... they all come and go all the time.

  2. keith4:47 PM

    All the best to Ayie & Shida...

  3. distances makes the heart grow fonder

  4. For a moment you held me in suspense.

    But I can tell that you are a friendly and warm person and so people open up to you and you make close friends easy. Goodbye is hard to do but KL-Penang is not too far, I have done day trips a couple of time, so this goodbye is not forever.

  5. terra,

    thanks terra :)

    well, it's hard to have colleague who can clique with you.

    but when you have them, usually they won't last long.

    friendship remains and never end. i hope so :)

  6. keith,

    yes! all the best to them.

  7. small kucing,

    i have many friends who moved to some other states or countries.

    they will vanish sooner or later as time goes by.

    sad, but that's the fact :(

  8. oceangirl,

    thank you for the compliment :)

    yes, i hope i'll see them again soon. or they will come to penang and visit me soon. either way i'll be happy, of course.

  9. All the best to your friends. To meet, know and love...and then to part is the saddest tale of the human heart.

  10. STP,

    Agree with you. That is why life is so wonderful.

  11. Love this song! : )

  12. Cool video clip great song..oh that's how they study in class by throwing papers around haha.

  13. Bananaz,

    Yep :) I threw green snake last time!


Thank you for the comment.

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