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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bangkok (Day 2): Floating Market

My second day in Bangkok.
Woke up at 6am and did my routine exercise such as push up and sit up. Then slowly moved to bathroom, brushed my teeth and took shower. While I was taking shower, I got a phone call. My friend answered it and it was the tour van driver. He was at the hotel at 6.30am! The agency told us last night at 6.45am! Damn it!
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you which agency we dealt with. It was MamTour. Click here if you want to know more about it. It is the cheapest price you can get. Even the hotel staff was shock with the price we got!
I rushed out of the bathroom and grab some buns and chocolates that I bought at 7 Eleven last night when I walked home from Pat Pong. I ran to the van and he was in hurry. The van driver told us that the agency always gave the wrong information. Hmm, at least he knew it wasn’t our fault.
The van kept moving at the same place like 3 or 4 times. Why? Because some of the tourist that booked the same tour were late! Hate it. I mean, can you be less self-centred? Punctual?
Then, the stick a sticker on our shirts to differentiate the package that we took.
I can’t remember how long the journey was, roughly around 2 hours? Oh yeah, we went out of Bangkok actually. The first venue was Floating Market. I missed the chance when I went to Hadyai last Februari. It was a very short trip. I stayed there only for a night! This time I didn’t want to miss it anymore. I didn’t want to be like some tourist who only come to Bangkok for shopping and sex. Travelling suppose to give us more knowledge about people culture and religion. Respect other human being and be grateful as I could see many poor people struggle with their lives where most of us sighing in the aircond room that we called office.
When we reached there. The tourist guide told us that the boat ride was included in the package but not the traditional wooden boat. So, I paid 150 baht to them and went onto the boat.
Let me share some pictures:
IMG_4168The best souvenir hahaha!
IMG_4201Sleepy face!

Ok, I hope these pictures can tell you how is the Floating Market looks like. I only saw on TV and magazines before but I have seen with my eyes now. Great experience of course!
Ask, if you have any question? :-)


  1. LOL!! Been through the same thing last time - have to wait for other tourists to wake up while I woke up so early and waited for them!! I think this problem is very common and I dont think there's anything you can do about it except pay more so that the tour guide only bring you and your friend and not other tourists! Haha!

  2. Love the floating market, though I will go there only once just for the experience. So did you buy anything there? : )

  3. Nowadays I go Bangkok not for the tourist places anymore but just for the food and massage and maybe shopping : )

  4. wah bestnya diorg nie pi bercuti,
    ok dah abis baca,
    next entry pls,

    Rindu nak pi Bangkok jugakkkk

  5. So this is the famous floating market? :D

  6. It's amazing to see how easy the manuver around in a boat

  7. wow..seronoknya...

  8. huyoooo bro best nyaaaaaa...

  9. mcm best je,,,

  10. I've never been to Thailand before! Wow... you seem to have taken quite a lot of photos.

  11. foong,

    well, i guess it was worth it to wait for others since the journey was cool! :-)

    left 2 more things i wanna do. elephant riding and water rafting :-)

  12. foong,

    you haven't been there? i thought you did last time?

    i didn't buy anything. er, 2 pieces of singlets :-P

  13. foong,

    after i do the elephant ride and water rafting, i guess i will do the same. enjoying the life there haha.

  14. cw,

    haha belum tulis. nanti tulis lah. tentang boat ride di tempat yang sama :-)

  15. Row row row your boat.. usual morning traffic jams..hahaha

  16. ,=====,o00o Ponn..Ponn.Ponn..
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته
    Jom Terjah entry terbaru ??
    happy 2nd anniversery

    Maaf dah lama aku tak ziarah blog ko lahhh... Maaf lah yerrrr... terputus hubungan tapi dah jumpa balik lahhh...

    woooo berperahu jalan jalan sepanjang sungai mmg pengalaman menarik tu..... uihhhh besornya ular sawa melilit kat badan orang tu

  17. airnya a bit busuk kan.but it was such a great experience kan.:)

  18. Knock! Knock!! No updates yet?!!! : D

  19. small kucing,

    yes hehe

  20. azie,

    hehe memang seronok. bila nak try?

  21. kemang,

    hehe banyak gambar yang diambil sampai ada yang terlupa ambilc :)

    bila mau update blog bro travel terbaru?

  22. terra,

    you should try. it is a very great experience. i went to hadyai few times and it was my first time to bangkok :)

  23. bananaz,

    haha can't imagine if i was the one who rows! lol

  24. afzai,

    haha nak tak ular tu untuk souvenir?

  25. axim,

    tak bau pula air tu hehe. memang best!


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