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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I’m getting old.

Oh shit! It is hard to believe that I could say this, out.

Busy, busy, busy and busy is an excuse for me when I forgot things like birthday, route or even names and numbers.

Today I’m so frustrated with myself when I forgot to take my rackets (yes, TWO rackets) that I sent to my favourite sport shop Add One (Ah Yam is the owner and well known) last week. I suppose to take it on Monday but since I did not play on Monday because I was too exhausted, so I plan to take it on Wednesday before badminton. Too bad, I fell asleep as soon as I reached home. I fell asleep a few time when I drove home especially when I stuck in the traffic jam. I hate traffic jam and I really have no idea when there are so many places pack like sardines in the can. Weird thing is, it becomes worse when the traffic police replace the traffic lights. Suppose it works otherwise, right? Sigh.

I woke up it was almost 8 and I rushed to eat dinner and take shower. Then, I realized that there was no racket in the bag.

There are many reasons why I can forgot things easily.

1. I’m very stress lately with works and the bad result from the exam.

2. … or I’m getting old?

The latter one sounds lame, I know.

So, today I have wasted my overtime because I went home early and clumsily ate dinner and took shower. End up, I could not go for badminton. Great!


  1. normalla tu faisal..nama pun manusia..manusia mudah lupa..bukan bermakna faisal dh leh terima hakikat sebenarnya dh 27 thn..

    aiyoo sgt tua okeh..i nak sweet 17th player badminton kesukaan faisal saper eikk...?? lin dan?? die tu terror tp karektor die berlagak giler seh...:P

    ke hafiz hashim? die ne pun ade up n down taufiq tu hensem gk yea..ganteng tu..:P

    apesal wai bebel byk kan fiasal yg ckp suh bebel 100 words..kalo dpt cecah 100 words faisal nak bg hadiah pe eik?? raket satu bole..hahaha..

    eh ckp pesal raket nasib baik wai teringt..blk jeddah ne ade tournament badminton for all malaysian in saudi la..

    ala tk praktis lagi..camno ne?? tunjuk ajarku sifu bole dak??

    eh dh lebih dr 100 la..aiyohhh

  2. ala,
    x semestinya u lupa sbb u dah tua babe,
    adakalanya bila byk sgt berfikir @ buat keje mmg kita akn lupa,
    normal lah tue...

    nanti plan sekali lagi ngn kwn2 u tue n ajak main sekali lagi ok...

    ~happy alwaz~

  3. wai - haha sabar. sampai masuk kes badminton pula. lin dan... idola.

    tapi dah terlewat nak ikut jejak langkah hehe.

  4. wanie - you tak nak main ke?

  5. Yes, you are getting old! Haha!! But seriously I think you are probably too stressed and busy? : )

  6. faisal!

    its normal la..

    dah stress , lupa and everythng..

    kuat semnagat!! semua org tua.. hehehe

  7. ║║╔║║╔╗ ║
    ╠╣╠║║║║ ║
    ║║╚╚╚╚╝ O
    Salam Persahabatan kami datang ziarah blog anda

    hahhhhh lelaki lagi tua lagi powerrr.... macam kelapa tua banyak minyak banyak santannyerrr....

    hahhhh cuma aku harap kalau aku tua tak nyanyuk dan sihat ajerrr

  8. i nak main badminton,
    kang silap2 putus dua plak lutut i tue,

    maybe next time,

  9. Call it over thought, like overlooked. Take a fusion tea break, fresh n joyous.

  10. sound like it is time to take another short break Faisal. Go somewhere relaxing and pamper youself.

  11. Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things:

  12. All of us get stressed from time to time bro. :) I think it has something to do with well...workload. So chill out ok.

  13. that's life... aging is something that we cannot escape...
    speaking of stress...haha i got used to it... work-school-blog-work-school-blog... there's nothing more can be stressing then this routine hahaha
    have a great day Faisal and happy blogging

  14. Not because you're 'getting old' definitely. Probably there's a lot on your mind these days...

  15. foong - i have no idea but sometimes it's really frustrating!

  16. syahmi - hopefully things will get better :-)

  17. afzainizam - petua taknak nyanyuk kena banyak membaca dan mengira hehe.

  18. cw - doc ada advise untuk lakukan exercise ringan?

  19. thefusion - winter warmers maybe? :-)

  20. drsam - just came back from hadyai. will go somewhere after my final exam in april :-)

  21. what was done - agree :-) but when i forgot things, i surely blame the age. i mean... what else? :-)

  22. tekkaus - agree bro. ah.. maybe i need vacation every month? LOL

  23. blue - eh... work and school?


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