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Sunday, February 13, 2011

8 beach boys arrested over attack on man along Batu Ferringhi beach

GEORGE TOWN: Police arrested eight beach boys, who allegedly attacked a man along Batu Ferringhi beach here, to help in investigations.

The 26-year-old victim was believed to be involved in a heated argument with a group of more than five men before he was attacked with wooden sticks and helmets.

He was later sent to the Penang Hospital for head injury.

Penang police chief Datuk Wira Ayub Yaakob said initial investigation revealed that the attack could be over unpaid debts.

“We arrested two beach boys after the 2am incident on Saturday and another six on Sunday.

“Two of the eight suspects, aged between 20 and 30, were tested positive for drugs.

“We have also retrieved the closed-circuit television footage from Jalan Emas that have captured images of the attack for investigation,” he said when met at the Penang Hospital Sunday after visiting a policeman at the intensive care unit.

DCP Ayub warned unlicensed beach operators to be more responsible in their activities pending proper guidelines and standard operating procedures.

“Make sure there is no territorial dispute, gangsterism or drugs involved or we will not hesitate to take action,” he said.

It was reported Sunday that Penang has relaxed the temporary ban on water sports along Batu Ferringhi.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had said unlicensed beach operators would be allowed to operate under strict surveillance over a seven-day period that ends on Feb 19.

On Feb 5, the state announced a temporary ban on all water sports activities in Batu Ferringhi following an accident involving a Chinese tourist.

Zhu Li, 47, broke both her legs when a water scooter rammed into her on the beach where she was taking a walk.

On Christmas Eve last year, seven-year-old Rina Aizawa from Japan was playing on the beach when a parasailing rope hooked her neck, lifting her off the ground and dragging her for a short distance at the beach.

On Jan 18, Qian Tian Zi, 23, from China sustained leg injuries when she was about to be launched into the air during parasailing.

8 beach boys arrested over attack on man along Batu Ferringhi beach


  1. My friend's family also kena belasah on 2nd day of CNY. But hers was in Pangkor. A group of Chinese boat man kept splashing water at those who are play water at the beach. My friend's husband tegur say dont do that. The group of boat man belasah all the males in my friend's group till one of them patah tangan.

    They make police report in Pangkor but kena rejected. In the end they lodge police report in Seri Manjung

  2. Ish skrg dimana2 pun tak selamatlah..Even tempat percutian dan tumpuan orang ramai..Jenayah berlaku dimana2..Kita duk diam pun terpalit jgk..So better tak pi lah tmpt2 camni dalam waktu2 yg tidak sepatutnya..Mengelak lebih baik..dan kerajaan sepatutnya meletakkan pegawai keselamatan yg cukup.Jgn nampak buruk dimata pelancong ttg keselamatan ditmpt2 percutian diseluruh negara.

  3. Itulah,dorang nie ape nak jadila..

    @small kucing : why police reject??because at pangkor???how come that be lar..

    baca post terbaru saya TM sedang membaiki kabel internet,gangguan internet pada 13 - 17 FEB baca disini untuk info lebih lanjut

  4. Omg. Scary incidents. I won't be near beach at the mo.

  5. small kucing,

    1. i do not like 'human' in Malaysia anymore (not all) as they have lose their humanity and hard for me to differentiate between 'human' and animal. how could they beat another human until it cause injury to the same race?

    2. i realize, police in Malaysia 'sometimes' do not accept a report 'seriously' as it should be.

  6. ad,

    1. tindakan tegas patut diambil ke atas semua janayah.

    2. pemeriksaan perlu dilakukan ke atas semua beach boys untuk mengelakkan sikap gengster atau pengambilan dadah di kalangan mereka.

  7. hafiz,

    1. police report dipandang remeh. bukan hanya di balai polis tersebut. saya pernah buat report di balai polis bayan lepas, kerana rumah kawan saya dipecah masuk. ia dianggap tidak serius kerana tiada barangan yang hilang. bayangkan?

    2. saya pernah membuat report atas kehilangan barangan virtual game Ragnarok dan saya ditertawakan di balai yang sama.

  8. cahaya,

    1. orang tak bersalah menjadi mangsa. kejam!


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