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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life is not easy

Jimmy a guy with goals and had achieved important goal like own a house and own a car before his age reach 30.

He planned to gain as much experience and money he could for his next goal, own a business. Yes, a business even though he did not know what type of business suits him, yet. He got a few businesses that might be suit to his cup of tea and they kept playing in his mind.

Laughter is the best medicine. Yes, it is a famous quote. But how true it is? Nobody knows. Jimmy always laughs and smiles, which hide his sorrow that caused by problems that he was facing including family matters, work, and friendship.

He was lucky to have a lover who understands him. A lover that always gives him courage and support no matter how difficult a situation could be. He should be thankful because if not, there is a promise that his life will be upside down. Yes, a promise.

He worries too much about his niece and sister. His mother.

Their financial was crucial. Very crucial. Jimmy did not know how long it will take to make their family back to normal. He still thinks that the problem started when the whole family took loan for sister’s wedding and brought out some cash from the credit cards.

He successfully stopped all the cards and now planned to help the family. But, how?

His brother in law had no job, which made his sister bear all the consequences. The debt was overloaded on her alone such as house, car and kid. Jimmy blamed the brother in law of course even though he did not speak out what he feels. A husband should work hard no matter what and raise his own family. There is no excuse for that. So, Jimmy forced himself to swallow all the excuses given by his mom and sister when he mentioned about this.

His mom helped his sister whenever she got financial problem which gave her more burden and add more debt around her.

Jimmy did not realize that he had depression. He could cry and lock himself in his room. The only thing that played in his mind when he locked himself was he could die soon. Not suicide but with God’s help. That was very pitiful. He blamed himself that he could not help his mom and family. He tried his best to sell clothes and open a small business to save some money for the future. His dad is ill. What about if someone else in the family is sick and need to be warded? None of them has life insurance. That was the pathetic part.

Tick Tack Tick Tack.

The sound of his clock was loud for his ear. His own heart beat was loud too. Why? He wondered. Now, he was at the balcony of his apartment. He was sitting on the balcony wall alone. He felt cold. He could not think of anything anymore. He felt very dizzy. What he could see now, down there were so many people pointing fingers at him. He looked at the sky and smile.


  1. keith2:35 PM

    well, for sure life is not easy but it depends on how we handle and resolve the issue. Always share the problem with the person that we close to and i believe it will at least release the tension.

  2. keith - i'd agree with you. to keep the problem inside without sharing with other will give you depression for sure.

  3. Hi Faisal,

    Haven't been here in a while dear. I hope you're fine. I do read your blog though (on my emails :)

    I am not sure how to react with this post though. I have a brother that is currently having a financial difficulty. Not that it was any worst than the rest, but it sure affected us in a way or other.

    Thus, what can I say is life is hard. No one said it's easy. Try live it by the day, if not the months before you jump through the year ;)

    Think about it.

  4. BCD - This is inspiring bro.

    I hope Jimmy knows how to handle this problem and he should not put all the burden on him. He could try to help but if it is out of his capability, he should let others try to solve. Furthermore, they are not immature.

    I think I know how Jimmy feels about it and I do not know how to solve it if it happens to me. It is easier to say than do.

    I hope Jimmy will be strong and would not do anything stupid.

    Hope you are doing good too BCD.

  5. No matter we must believe that there will always be a solution for all our problems. All we need is to stay calm an keep our composure. :)

  6. adakah Jimmy membunuh diri>???

  7. Salam n hi Faisal.

    Lama xsinggah sini.

    erm,pasal Jimmy tu, dia kena sentiasa berfikiran positif.

    n yes mcm keith ckp, kena always share the prob with people that close to him or his family.

    My experience msa facing financial problem, mmg rasa teruk sgt2...

    ye la, kalau xda duit, susah kan nak hidup. apa pun, try la tanya n dengar pendapat org lain.

    hope that Jimmy will be strong enough to face this situation.

    Lagipun, tak ada masalah yang takda jalan penyelesaian kan? :)

  8. There are many of our fellow Malaysians who are facing the same predicament like Jimmy. Life is not easy but we have to take it easy, and do thing one step after another. Live simple.

    Do take care Faisal.

  9. tekkaus - agree with you bro. we must stay calm, no matter what :-)

  10. axim - haha rasa-rasa?

  11. teja - betul tu teja.

    problem yang jimmy hadapi rasanya, family dia keep the same life, i mean hidup macam biasa tanpa kurangkan itu ini bagi jimat kos.

    jadi, sampai bila nak selesai.

    beban kewangan tu dia yang nak cuba selesaikan. bagaimana?

    akhirnya, dia tertekan.

  12. drsam - agree dr sam. live a simple life. that's the best!

  13. maybe Jimmy kena berbincang dgn family dia. But before that, dia dah kena ada solution. Meaning that, masa berbincang tu, takda la berbincang baru untuk cari solution. Jimmy kena bukak minda dan mata family dia untuk tengok masalah ni, dan tengok jalan penyelesaian yg boleh.

    Sebab family Jimmy mungkin nampak masalah ni, tapi tak tau camna nak selesaikan.

    dan, masalah ni hanya Jimmy je yg faham. Kita kat sini hanya tau dasar dia je kan?

    apa pun, really hope that Jimmy will do the best. biasala stage2 macam ni, rasanya semua org pon akan alaminya kan? :)

  14. teja - betul teja. harap jimmy dapat selesaikan masalah ini dan ianya perlulah diselesaikan bersama dan beban tidak diletakkan ke atas Jimmy sahaja.

  15. Yep...Masalah family adalah masalah semua ahli keluarga.bukan atas bahu seorang ahli keluarga saja. Jadi, Jimmy kena lebih berani dan tegas dlm membincangkan masalah ni. Don't forget to ask opinion org lain..

    Bila banyak opinion, masalah boleh selesai ngn mudah

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    eeeemmmmm aku ade tengokkkk citerrr P Ramle tang orang naik kereta pegang bendera putihhh

    " hidup susahhh... Mati pun Susahh"

    yuppp setiap penyakit ade ubatnyerrr begitu juga setiap masalah ade jalan penyelesaiannya....

  17. by chance, a friend of mind posted this on his status on fb...

    when life keeps knocking you down over and over again, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, give it the finger, and keep going

    i was LOLing at the finger part xD

    anyway, there's nothing i can say about this since it's easier for us to say since we're not jimmy

    jimmy stay strong! :(

  18. ,=====,o00o Ponn..Ponn.Ponn..
    Salam Persahabatan kami datang ziarah blog anda

    Bukan mudah hendak menempuhnya.... berat nak di tanggungnya.... berat lagi yang menanggungnya.... sabarr adelahhhh jalan adelah penyelesaian


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