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Sunday, June 28, 2009

michael jackson died

who doesn't love michael jackson? who doesn't know him? in case you ask about mikael, then it will sounds unfamiliar because that was recently happen and not officially announced.

the weird thing is life is never fair. why do i say so? because you will 100% be remembered and loved when you're gone. sad... but true.

he is not the first to be used as example. but since he is the recent case, i simply point out the truth.

i love michael jackson songs so much maybe because of my parent's influence. i still remember how funny i was when try to immitate his dancing stype including moonwalk and not to forget grabbing my crotch and scream "auwwww!" while touching my head (i suppose to wear hat, i know).

he is a legend. everybody knows.

king of pop.

i was shock to know that he died because of the heart failure not by the skin cancer which was the reason he expected to die with.

even though he is not with us anymore, i hope the songs will still be playing everywhere forever and not just for tribute.

michael we're going to miss you!


  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    M.J.. a legend has come.. n gone...

  2. anonymous - a legend is not suppose to come and go. but come and stick to our heart forever :)

  3. Anonymous9:23 PM

    i mean with gone-died... everybody going to die..

  4. anonymous - lol. if that's the case, why mention legend. better replace the word with human :P

  5. Anonymous9:31 PM


  6. A legend indeed. Thank you Faisal for that wonderful tribute!

    I am still reeling from the news!

  7. bibi - whole world still recovering from the lost.

  8. heart failure... That the news... but, the truth?? Only HIM know... Before that happen, MJ convert to muslim, influence by his brother... But, now... he gone forever..

    He is the Legend...

  9. zam - the truth? er, d'you heard about anything?

    yes he is a legend. no doubt :)

  10. Nope... But, I'm just curious bout that...

  11. zam - haha curiosity will be better with a fact solution :)

  12. Legend..Moga roh dia dicucuri rahmat..tapi sebelum dia meninggal lama tak dgr cite dia kan..
    Kenapa jantung dia terhenti tiba2?Bukan heart attack kan?..dan kenapa dibedah siasat ek?hmmm..byk persoalan...

  13. ad - sebelum ni kata kena skin cancer. then all in sudden jantung pulak. tak pasti pulak kenapa...

  14. Faisal Admar,
    My ex-classmate was the music lover.
    One day he invited me to his house and I discovered that he likes Michael Jackson'songs. That was the first time that I listened his songs. I found that he was awesome especially his stylish leg movement.
    He was the icon in music world even his death.
    Let's wish him rest in peace.

  15. cooling - yeah. i hope those who likes him before will keep playing his song forever. that's how we keep a legend alive :)

  16. plus ada org ckp pasal drug jugak.
    MJ is the best. forever.

  17. Yep! That's human nature. We will only remember and cherish something more when it is gone. Just like our Legend-MJ! :D

  18. dayah - drug? newspaper mana or just gossip?

    tekkaus - so please cherish me now!

  19. Can you pls change the word died to passes away? It sounds more respectful for a universal icon such as MJ..

  20. joseph - playing scrabbles?

  21. RIP MJ!

    He will always be remembered. He's a legend.

  22. foong - yes. legend in my heart forever.


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