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Thursday, June 25, 2009

bad driver

I wanted to write about this for so long but just that I couldn’t find time to write about it. I know both gender will try to defend their points and shoot each other with the best disadvantage they got in their mind to defeat the opposite gender. It’s normal. Yet, we are seeking for the gender equality?

I’d say that men are better driver compared to women.


First, women have great self low esteem. Believe it or not, they always think men are better than them in many things and fields. So, no matter what they do, they’ll always try to be more careful which will make them a careful driver but very SLOW!

Slow doesn’t mean you drive safe especially when you drive on the right lane which means the lane for those who drive faster!

Some of them are so obedience. They will still drive at 80km/h on the right lane even though a car which drives at 120km/h at the back for the sake of the 80km/h sign board. God must love them!

The worst part is when they want to turn left or right. They are always unsure and some of them not even give signal.

I just share my view.

What say you? ;)


  1. You know who I think are really bad drivers? The rich tai-tai's with a lot of small children, a rich husband and drive around in big cars without caring about anyone else on the road.

  2. terra - haha especially when they talk on the cell?

  3. haha... I'm used to deal with bad driver here in Miri, esp those luxurious cars from Brunei... Dear God, please forgive them... haha.

  4. witch - sometimes driving can make you mad and lead to hypertension! :( that's why i hate driving...

  5. I used to follow the speed limit strictly (I'm such a good boy! Hehe) and when I drove on the fast lane, I was angry at those drivers behind me who wanted to drive faster than the speed limit!

    Now, I knew better and just let them pass. I still try not to drive above the speed limit unless the limit is ridiculously low.

    Besides, I find once I drive above 90km/hr, my petrol seem to finish so much faster! Not very good economically. Haha.

    I think there are women who are good drivers, and there are men who are lousy drivers. But generally, I think women don't give way as they expect you to give way!

  6. foong - alamak! angry at me ar?

    i still got a summon ticket to pay :) rm300 and online rm200. damn!

    er, actually you still believe about accelerating involve with oil consumption?

    haha! in driving there's no ladies first rule!

  7. huhuhu... ya i know, it's not sometimes, it happen everytime since i need to drive to work everyday... how i wish i have personal driver... hahaha...

  8. witch - personal driver? i wish they are cheap haha

  9. No disrespect to the fairer sex...but IMHO some women drive as if there were F1 drivers. I have seen a lot of ladies who are driving rather recklessly. Honestly I'm not making this up. =(

  10. by reading this,i realize once upon a time ago i am really bad driver because i hate to use headphone while i'm driving..oredy kena saman dua kali sebab pegang fon kat telinga masa memandu..haha

    but not anymore..skarang da pakai bluetooth so takyah nak serabut ngan wayar headset..

    still,i'm not that reckless driver..hehe

  11. tekkaus - give me 5! haha. we are talking about the truth ;)

    axim - haha i still use the old type... with messy cable! lol.

  12. i alwaiz hold to one principle - "act like a lady but drive like a man" and i hafta admit, majority lady drivers are such a pain in the ass in the highway especially, to other skillful drivers like me ;) hehehe... (err... u shud see how i drive, darl - notorious road bully, i am :p)

    anywho, it doesn't matter but the only 2 things i really cannot stand:
    1) driving slow on the fast lane
    2) turning or over-taking w/o giving signals.
    It’s damn annoying okay…

    but then at least, as a lady i can alwaiz pretend bimbo whenever i caught speeding ;)

    Police : Miss, u drive laju sgt ni, dah lebih speed limit.
    Me : Sorry encik, tapi saya takut la *looking terrified*
    Police : Hah? Takut?!Takut apa?
    Me : Saya takut hantu, kan tgh malam sekarang ni :p saya nak cpt2 balik rumah. Boleh?
    Police : Hmm... okaylah2, lain kali jgn buat lagi :p

    boleh ker macam gini? hahaha!

  13. insomniac - haha such a lame excuse :P police out there please beware of this trick! lol.

  14. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Itu mentality zaman batu lah!!! These days, women can be very good drivers lah! Last time, they did not have much chance - go market, hantar anak sekolah...if they got to drive. Now, they rayau everywhere!!! And btw, don't we know one GUY who doesn't know how to drive? Hehehehehehe!!!

  15. stp - please don't compared crowded road in penang with sibu's :P

    obviously you guys don't need to rush as its not as pack as here in penang... go to work nervously struggling with the time and the traffic jam... worst the lousy drivers.

    doesn't know how to drive is better than lousy one coz he doesn't need to block my way and i'd thank god for the bless! lol.

  16. for some points yes i must have to agree
    but i think with a proper training and knowledge
    women can be as good as men drivers

  17. blue - proper train? :) men never have proper training too but what men have is gifted. its like talent.

  18. insurance will charge higher premium for young male driver compare to female driver. actually statistic shown women are safer driver. :P

  19. kksim - i know that insurance for man is higher compared to woman for house... life too? i suppose so lol.

  20. haha.. LOL..

    women always drive too carefully (but not all of them)... the worst part, they drive slow on the right lane. This disturb the traffic (especially at our highway)...

    But, I also saw men drive slowly... and in dangerous way... Like simply turn to the left (or right) first, then give signal... especially to the older driver.

    In any situation, driver always have risks... Thus, drive with rules is the best (i guest) to avoid accident and also pray before drive... hehe

    (Are this explanation acceptable???)

  21. zam - you just vote for the gender equality. damn! lol.

  22. hahaha... I'm true male... don't doubt me.

    But, I've vote 65% trouble for female driver

  23. I’d say that men are better driver compared to women

    hehehe...pembetulan..segelintir je..xsuma cmtu..tpi untuk post ni secara kseluruhan teja bersetuju gak la..teja sndiri pun rasa lebih slamat bila naik ngn laki dari pmpuan even pmpuan tu cekap bwk keta..

  24. ...well.. i'm never a good driver
    but that's to be expected what since i rarely drive lol

    thus.. dear husbands out there..
    get your wives A DRIVER LA!

    then xyah mau bising2 ckp pompuan tak cekap la whatsoever

    takkan driver sorg pun xleh bagi? :P

    haaa amik kau! :P

  25. Anonymous9:34 PM

    agreed..geram ngan gurl bawak keta...suka2 g kiri kanan..mengejut lak tu..bukan nak bg warning...sekeh kang...hahaha

  26. Faisal,
    Woman drive carefully to prevent accident.
    I observed they drove slowly and always looked left and right.
    If they drive more frequently, they can master the driving skill as well.
    Happy blogging, have the long weekend.

  27. Maybe, only you guys can judge.

  28. i hope they change their attitude.. drive slow please go away from right lane.. so nobody will "maki dari belakang". :)

    Fyzals Territory

  29. zam - haha 65% is quite good but now as i expected :P

    eh i got problem to leave comment on your blog and why is that?

    i hope you're doing fine.

    teja - you got the fact right babe! my colleague prefer to kill me rather than drive carefully lol.

  30. adila - economic downturn. must cut the budget :P saving is very important, don't you think so?

    ary - haha! calm down. you'll get more mad when they cause an accident and act like a fierce female lion to scare us by calling husband, a friend who is a police officer, jot down your details such as identity card number, plate and so much more. grr!

  31. coolingstar - based on which statistic? :P they cause more accident than male driver.

    cahaya - yes correct. in fact we are not judging base on the cover itself :P

  32. fyzal - yes. that is what we call toleration and rational ;)

  33. hey bro.. hope u can change the url of my blog.. it is no longer .. had close that blog.. fyzals-territory is my new place... thanks bro!

    but u know what.. there are still slow drivers who thing right lane is theirs.. hate them so much.

  34. fyzal - we can't do anything to make those self centered idiots vanished :(

  35. Anonymous5:52 PM

    lets try with me.. deal?... :p

  36. anonymous - try? what d'you mean?

  37. respon to Fyzal.... hehe, they thought they live at USA...

  38. zam - eh. what's the different between USA and here?

  39. Anonymous9:06 PM

    race lol...

  40. anonymous - maybe you can keep that and deal with your friends who got the same intention and thought.

    i rather keep my life safe and so my body parts.

    life is too short and i won't be joining you to make it shorter. worse, losing some of the body parts and think its part of art. lol.

  41. Anonymous9:22 PM

    urs: First, women have great self low esteem. Believe it or not, they always think men are better than them in many things and fields. So, no matter what they do, they’ll always try to be more careful which will make them a careful driver but very SLOW!

    i'm women. so u can judge after u race with me.. u told that u're too good n better than women.prove it. how good u're. :p

  42. anonymous - "i'm women. so u can judge after u race with me.. u told that u're too good n better than women.prove it. how good u're. :p"

    when did i say that?

    to prove something silly as illegal racing and it will harm the public, i won't do.

    god gives us brain for many reasons :)

  43. Anonymous9:32 PM

    mohd faisal admar hafiz... always like that... whatever dude~

  44. anonymous - thanks for the full name ;)

  45. In US, they drive in the right-side road, because the driver's seat at the left... Our country is follow the others Commonwealth country, drive at the left-side of the road...

  46. zam - haha. you being sarcastic in the earlier comment?

  47. LOL. Its just a joke lor... (my bad... my bad...)

  48. zam - haha! yes you're bad.

  49. I know some ladies who treat their car as F1 cars in sepang hehehe. Drive >150 kmh on highway and nobody can drive on the right lane when they're around lol.


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