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Friday, July 26, 2013

Mabul: Let's jump!

Another day in Mabul, as I told you I couldn't resist to jump into the water and yes I did!

Ah... yes, it was so beautiful. To those who have a thought about going there, you should! It's worth a try. Nothing better than release your stress at work here! Mmm... so peaceful. I simply love the island so much and in fact, it's so addictive! It was my second time and of course I will come again for my Advance Open Water Course!

Jumping time...!!! I always feel good every time I can do a somersault. I want to learn how to do a back flip! Maybe next time. Ah... being in the water day and night really made me feel so good! I didn't care about getting dark and I always forgot to put sunblock. The result was I got sunburn badly haha!

This time I learnt how to dive with the mask. Thanks to one of the staff there for teaching me the correct way. Now, I can enjoy the snorkeling session so much because I can dive into the water and look at the corals, fish and other marine lives... :)

More story to be told in my next post especially if you want to know about Open Water Course :)


  1. That's the fun thing about going to islands right? You can do whatever stunt you want in diving. :D

    1. Tekkaus,

      Yes, exactly! I really love sea and island. Even though hate the sunburn. It makes me feel alive! :)

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