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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Kelantan - Wan Khadijah Market

Wan Khadijah Market is a famous hexagon shape market in Kota Bharu. It is one of the most widely photographed market in Malaysia and mostly manned by local female entrepreneurs. Bargaining is one of the essential skill that one finds it useful in Kelantan as Kelantanese loves and enjoys bargaining.

Here was where we parked our cars.

The palace.

The small canon. Cute isn't it?

The banner :)

This is how the market looks like. Nice!

More... inside the building.

Here you can eat whatever you want, and it's pretty hard to choose since they are too many! Oh. There was an incident where we ordered drink and they did not want to serve us. Just because we bought the rice from another stall. Weird thing was some of my friends bought the rice from them! The food stall was the one at the end of the food court, where there were only tables. It was very frustrated to run a business this way. I surely ban this stall forever and for sure will give my friends a warning if they plan to come here. Whose lost then?

The buildings around this market. Pretty interesting :)

Overall, I love this market. To see how hard they work and variety of foods. Its different from what I got in Penang and for sure I like them too!

Just I'm a bit upset with the behavior of the hawker which sells the rice. You must have faith. God is always fair, so don't be so self centered. I was choke and had to run to some other stall to buy drink :(

So, apart from that it was a great experience! :)


  1. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Country's most famous. Sibu one bigger and nicer lah... You come and see. LOL!!!

    1. How come Sibu got the nicer market and as you said before, budu but people never talk about it? LOL.

      I wonder.

  2. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Thanks to your entry here, we can have a sight seeing Kelantan. Planning to go there someday. Nak borong tudung. Ngeheee....

    1. If want to borong tudung, you should go to Wakah Che Yeh! So many tudung and variety! :)

  3. i think the rice behaviour thingy happens everywhere...

    i think it's too much la in your case. after all you are giving them business by ordering drinks from them though food not from them. And your friends did buy from from them.

    Usually what i see is customer not allowed to order food from other stall and sit at another stall table to eat . But allow if you tapau over and order drinks from them just like what i did in air itam penang.

    really shame on this stall!

    1. Yeah, I was upset with the behavior but not to spoil the mood I just forgot about it and continued taking pictures! :)


Thank you for the comment.

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