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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Travel plan

This year, is a busy year for me.

It's my final year (4th year) for my degree, and also I'm fully occupied with my travel plan. I'm taking 7 subjects for my final year which include my final year project -- a thesis: 5 main personalities (Big 5) with job involvement. I know I can do it. 

Talking about travel plan. This year, I already have some plans. Last year, I went to Bangkok twice, Mabul, Koh Samui, Bali and last one was Krabi. I had great time, seriously. Traveling can make our mind stress free and give us so much happiness by looking at the beautiful scenery, doing some activities including crazy stuff and yes, the food! I also learned a lot about other people's culture.

I will start with Phuket in March this year. Followed by Mabul in June. This time I will get my diving license for sure! Then, to Kota Kinabalu in August to climb the great Mount Kinabalu. I will challenge myself for sure. I did marathon last year, which I never imagine I could finish it in time and grab the medal :) If last year I celebrated Malaysia's Independence Day in Bangkok, this time it will be on the mountain peak. Yay! I will go to Vietnam in October and to Bangkok in November. This time, I will go to Bangkok with my Tupperware gang. Thank you Tupperware for giving me this opportunity :) 

I have some plans for grabbing the snow too. Since I have so many plans, I'm not sure I can make it for any Europe trip.

Kak Sofie's plan to conquer 8 countries in Europe in 13 days is very interesting (even though I'm not sure how rushing it would be). Fariza's plan for London and Scotland as backpackers. Latest, Turkey! Hmm, if we could get it very cheap I might as well consider the trip. 

Let's see... what I can do :)


  1. Faisal, all the best for your finals! Happy traveling, as well! LOL

  2. Alice Teh,

    Thank you. I hope everything goes as planned, both studies and travel.

  3. pergh byk nya plan utk travel this year....best2...jap mabul tu kt mana eik..lupa la..

    turkey tu in my list gk tau..sbb dh dekat dr sini...:)

  4. Wai,

    Haha tu la. Macam berlambak sangat pun ada.

    Mabul tu dekat Sabah.

    So bila pergi Turki?

  5. It seems this year is going to be a hectic year for you. Your final year requires you to focus and take your study seriously. But hey...all work and no play makes us stressful bunch of kiddos right. So your travel plan to some exotic getaways will ease some of the burden. Have a good life Faisal.

  6. Dr,

    Yes. I need some vacation to get out of my work and study life sometimes. My final last paper will be on Jun 23 and most of the travel plan will be after the exam except the Phuket 3 days 2 nights trip in March which is after my mid term exam.

    Oh I cannot wait :)


Thank you for the comment.

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