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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Shape in or ship out

1. I do not understand why government wants to extend service period to 60 years old. In my opinion, not all officers are capable to work until the age of 60.

2. I believe government must have a reason to do so.

3. I do not say that all officers are not capable but for those in high position in the company actually can work longer. It is because they have to think and read a lot in order to manage their officers. They have to work hard, in order to achieve the goal that has been set by the company.

4. I do not say that officers who are not in high position are not capable to work at age 60 but most of them do not want to learn new things such as computer applications, work related system that need them to have computer knowledge and they do not even want to do new work because they want to stay in their comfort zone and do the same things for the next 10 years or more.

5. I do not need to give example for this matter but you can see in your own office does not matter in private sector or government they are the same. If it is not all, then it is most of them.

6. Let me give example based on my company. Those who are 50 years old and above do the same work and prefer to do the same if possible until they retire. They go for some computer courses. They go for some advance courses. The result is not as what we expect. They come back and still want to do the same work and hope that all computer works related will be given to the new officers with an excuse: “They are new and fresh from school. They should be good in computer”.

7. It is sad to hear that the new and fresh graduate officers need to do more work compare to the senior who have more experience and worse receive better salary.

8. My point is, why should we pay them when they cannot give their best to suit the modern demand and not pay those fresh graduates? We pay the senior a lot but we only need to pay the fresh ones less than what we have to pay the senior.

9. In term of salary, we can save a lot. Maybe many of you would ask me: “What about the experience?” Well, do you think the senior can really teach the experience to the fresh graduate? Experience can be learned from self experience as year pass by. Remember, the senior usually are very weak in computer and what advantage can they give in this modern technology?

10. We want to apply the “green environment” method to all companies in our country. If they are IT blinded, how would this campaign succeed?

11. An email written by the previous CEO caught my attention: Shape in or ship out. I truly agree, if you cannot shape in the company; you should ship out of the company. If we can apply this to all companies, we can be successful and at the same time vanish the jobless youngsters. The goal is not vague as long as we do it in a proper way. I believe with all the intelligent peoples we have, we can solve this problem.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10 things you must know in a relationship

1. A relationship needs a good understanding and toleration.

2. A relationship needs to be cherished all the time.

3. Sometimes you need to give compliment to make your partner feel happy.

4. You need to give compliment on the physical attraction. It is sad when we get the compliment from others and not from our partner.

5. Remain the behavior that you did since the beginning of the relationship. Most people do not do the things they did when they first met and when they were so in love after the relationship grows older.

6. You need to be creative in the relationship. Always create something new and interesting in anything you do together.

7. Do not always complain and nag. It can make your partner feels annoying.

8. Do not tell everything that happens in the relationship to your friend. Worse when your partner knows about it.

9. Do not always compare the things you have done to your partner with your partner contribution.

10. Last one is trust your partner. Love should base on trust. If there is no trust, there is no love.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am not racist.

I am not racist.

Sometimes we do not realize that we are racist. When we talk to our friends who are the same race with us, we tend to use the race if there is other race involve in the conversation.

I am not racist.

We do not realize that we always think our race is better than others. We try to find the strength in our race and compared to others. The fact is each race has its own strength and specialty.

I am not racist.

We will put our own race as priority in many things. It does not matter if it is in sport, academic or even donation. Why don’t we put the race aside and do it honestly and as a human being.

I am not racist.

If these simple things can be vanished, I believe that it is easy to unite all of us. The question is: Is it impossible?

I remember my CEO’s sentence that he always use in his speech or email. “Nothing is impossible & impossible is nothing”.

Credit to Hamirat Hassan for the pictures.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I wonder

I wonder.

Human is getting crazy. Donation for someone’s death is not important compared to donation for someone who is just moving to some other branch. Oh, because the person is one of the directors.

I wonder.

There is a certain amount that an officer must donate for the director but not for someone who lose parents or spouse.

I wonder.

People feel embarrass when the donation for director is little but it is ok if the donation for the death can be counted with own fingers and worse not using notes but coins.

I wonder.

I wonder.

I wonder.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Asics Badminton Shoes

At last I got my Asics badminton shoes! Yeay!

I planned to buy other color which is more striking but they did not have my size.

In the end, I bought this one. Double gel. Which is better than single gel and can protect my legs :-)

I'm so happy today!

Monday, November 07, 2011

I am getting fat!

Well not fat actually but out of shape hehe. No no it is not the same!

My body is a bit flabby now and I just want the muscles get stronger and lean very soon. I know I can do it, just that some friends claimed that I'm skinny now. Duh!

What do you think?


Look at what I ate last night. I need a good cardio to 'wash' the calories :-)

Very sinful.

Gotta hit the gym now!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Al-Fatihah and Salam Aidiladha.

I was at Coffee Bean Gurney Plaza last night when Linda called me and told me about the sad news. Her father has passed away.

She was crying loudly and I did not know what to say, seriously.

She is my good friend and of course I felt very sad when heard about the news.

It is Eid Adha today and I would like to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha.

To Linda, be strong and be supportive to you mom. Al-Fatihah.
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